Anyone ever tried to support as Rengar?

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  3. Anyone ever tried to support as Rengar?

User Info: Walker_Real

4 years ago#1
Similar to a Nidalee support, you have a specific function.

Harass with your E as much as possible, R in and secure kills for the ADC, and push like nobody's business when your ult is up and you can take towers easily.

Any thoughts??

User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#2
I went bot with him in blind pick a couple of times when he was stupid op. It was lulz.

Nowadays I wouldn't count on it.
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User Info: l3lueJACKrabbit

4 years ago#3
Will fall off later because of very limited utility and he'll be otherwise useless with no farm. Very strong in a double bruiser kill lane though.
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User Info: Ferd_Da_Bird

4 years ago#4
I've actually done this once. Got yelled at for not buying wards, then couldn't build any items whatsoever and was literally useless late game (as in I had no use in roaming teamfights or warding).
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User Info: Ultraknight64

4 years ago#5
Before the nerfs I faced Rengar botlane once and got stomped ridiculously hard.

That was about level 20 though, so I had no idea what Rengar even did.
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  3. Anyone ever tried to support as Rengar?

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