TF's passive is lazy and boring

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User Info: ThyCorndog

4 years ago#31
Vegerunks posted...
ThyCorndog posted...
Eh, is 600 extra gold by endgame really that much? I don't think I've ever been in a situation past 30 minutes where I went "man, if only I had 600 more gold"

I guess its motivation to buy more wards or something? Since you're getting gold for free

Late game no early game yes. Think of it this way, with the loaded dice passive suggested you'd be lucky to make 300-400 gold with it just because it's not common to get 10 kills that are worth 300 or more. Most the time when someone has more than 10 kills they are mostly on a person on a death streak.

His passive honestly is great to help a team make up for a lack of a mage with impressive burst and if he's ADC instead then it makes it that much easier for him and the mage to finish their builds. If they need a champion kill to make use of the passive its not going to help. I've had times where i go back and have to wait for 50 gold, with TF that isn't as common because you made that extra 50.

Also in games where the laners are farming and trading where they eventually force both sides to go back, if they're about equal on farm the side with TF is going to be winning by quite a reasonable margin.

true, that makes sense
Hey what's going on in this thread
My friend's YouTubes. She's got LP's and stuff.
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