Fizz versus Ryze

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User Info: B01t

4 years ago#1
Who wins, assuming both players are equal skill, around ~gold level? - Results (210 votes)
48.57% (102 votes)
35.71% (75 votes)
8.1% (17 votes)
equal matchup
7.62% (16 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I've done this matchup over a dozen times as fizz, and i've only lost once. Last time it happened, the ryze ended as 2/12/4...

Meanwhile I was fed enough to 2 hit ryze, and a full combo with ultimate would kill or come close to killing even their tank
Idealism is seeing potential. Pragmatism is seeing consequences.

User Info: Black_Assassin

4 years ago#2
Most Fizz's I see end up getting fed as heck and end up demolishing the enemy team.

User Info: FreshSushi

4 years ago#3
Fizz beats almost everyone early game. Even supposed counters like Ryze get dumped on by level 3 W -> Q maybe E, and god forbid you went with an elixir start ggggggg.

If the Ryze is bad enough Fizz wins. If the Ryze is average and doesn't just walk into lane to die Ryze in the end wins cause of his fat. If the Ryze is good and your jungler is derp Ryze wins.
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User Info: Airborne_Gnorc

4 years ago#4
A good Ryze should win if there's no jungle presence, Fizz is melee so Ryze can autoattack him when he goes to last hit. Ryze also builds tanky, so it's only going to get harder for Fizz to burst Ryze down if he can't snowball and Ryze is much more relevant lategame if it goes that way.

So yeah, wards and don't play like you're post-6 Olaf.
Formerly Z911

User Info: ArwenTinuviel

4 years ago#5
Fizz wins early game since he trades better, but Ryze likely won't get dumped on if he knows to prison the Fizz immediately and run away (maybe with a Q for good measure).

Once Ryze gets a bit tankier to not get one-shot Ryze will likely be able to deal better with Fizz. Late-game teamfights he'll probably be more useful simply because he's not melee and has a nearly spammable CC spell.

User Info: B01t

4 years ago#6
just did this matchup again, went 15/5. ^^
Idealism is seeing potential. Pragmatism is seeing consequences.

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#7
Ryze should win the matchup. Hit him hard enough at level 1 when farming that he doesn't want to all-in you at 2. Keep it up so he doesn't want to all-in you at 3. If you've survived that long, you can probably deny him farm until he hits 6, which is where your actual player skill will come into effect. But those are really the big danger moments for Fizz, so if the rune prison timing is good for all those, Ryze can pretty much ignore Fizz, push the lane as hard as he can, and scale into late game better.

As a Fizz player, my objective against Ryze is to not risk fighting him and just push out my lane and gank elsewhere. If I can bait him into using his ult to wave clear when I go into river bush, that opens up an opportunity for me to outtrade him super hard if not just outright kill him.

User Info: egakcap

4 years ago#8
All ryze has to do is build bv and its gg. As a ryze main, I never lose to a fizz. Once he dashes in, or whatever he does for an initiate, just snare him and use your ult to spell vamp back up whatever health you lost and kite him back. You will slowly beat him over time.

EDIT: @edumey, i gtg for a while but ill be back in an hour and a halfish, we should settle this fizz player vers ryze player -my pro ryze build

User Info: B01t

4 years ago#9
another part of the matchup, is that a) fizz's ultimate gives him a large edge against ryze. It hurts ryze's bonus move and sustain he gets from his own ultimate.

but perhaps more importantly:

Fizz is a better ganker and roamer, due to his mobility, ultimate, and burst compared to ryze. Ryze is a decent pusher once he gets some good mana and/or blue buff, but until then, Fizz can probably outpush him.

To those who claim ryze can just harass with AAs:

If ryze auto's the fizz, the Fizz will respond with a WQ, then proceed to beating the crap out of you with his trident. At least, early game.and if ryze tries to snare the fizz while he's Q'ing, fizz will just be snared next to ryze
Idealism is seeing potential. Pragmatism is seeing consequences.

User Info: egakcap

4 years ago#10
Yeah but you dont just snare and stand there. A good ryze knows how to kite while fighting champs. Early game ryze is a lot more powerful than people give him credit for -my pro ryze build
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