you can tell how good someone is at a champion by how well they CS

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  3. you can tell how good someone is at a champion by how well they CS

User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#31
I know what you mean

like when a nid main is under tower and gets like 6 cs at awkward health despite tower attacks with each CS taken in a different way.

some champs (irelia) have it a lot easier than others (swain) but the people that are mechanically strong with their champs will know the little tricks on how to squeeze out the last bit of gold from all cs available.
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User Info: flyguy101

4 years ago#32
I would agree with this as a blanket statement.

User Info: The-World-Seven

4 years ago#33
xRustySpoon posted...
this is irrefutable.


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User Info: Metleon

4 years ago#34
Anivia and Karthus don't really even last hit; they just turn on their AoE's and destroy all the creeps.
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User Info: The-World-Seven

4 years ago#35
n**** pleez undastand its not how they last hit, its HOW they last hit.

educate yaselves!
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User Info: Cecil Ragnarok

Cecil Ragnarok
4 years ago#36
FreshSushi posted...
Please, Fizz's ability to CS has been ridiculously buffed thanks to league of pots season 3. You can literally tank your way to 6 if you wanted to nowadays.

and this is how i play kass v bruisers :-)
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User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#37
I'd say you can tell how good they are by how they use their skills, each champ is variable with ease of farming, someone like morde makes for easy easy farming, but not every champ has an entire kit of AOE skills

creative and clever use of their skills is the best way to gauge skill, examples:

a good Jax Q's to his minions to escape from an opponent, and puts down then Q's to wards to escape, or hop over walls and stuff

a good teemo has every bush on the map have atleast 3 shrooms and runs away from enemies in a way that leads them into as many shrooms as possible(presumably he put them in a line down the lane)

a good nunu will prevent enemies from chasing, or escaping by ulting in their path, or force them to back off of him or risk his ult killing them before they kill him

a good anivia would wall her opponents in such a way that their only choice is to try to escape you into a gank by your jungler and get killed

a good rumble would either ult like nunu up there, or anivia up there

aaand a good anyone with skill shots(ezreal, ashe, draven, etc.) will do unebelievably amazing things, like getting a kill in top from bot
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  3. you can tell how good someone is at a champion by how well they CS

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