Tips for stepping up my game; more roles or less champions? Pro advice welcome!!

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User Info: easymodexz

4 years ago#11
Walker_Real posted...
Good advice. I also just received this advice from my friend.

-Just go into ranked and fail. It doesn't matter, you'll learn to play faster. My first season was season 1, my win-loss was like 40-100. Then in season 2 I hit diamond and had a great record.
Your first season entering ranked will be bad but it will wiped, so give a couple less ****s.

Humm, that's one way to do it, but don't assume elo will be reset with the next season. For S3, Riot stepped back and only did a partial reset. For S4 they may do less. Bit of a gamble but not a terrible idea.

Playing in "wood tier" in ranked won't help you get better though.

User Info: Cookieman74

4 years ago#12
Focus on only a couple of heroes. People that try to play too many heroes tend to be mediocre with all of them. Honestly, I would just start playing ranked games immediately, they aren't any different than normal games really. The only difference is in the way that people approach them. I just recently switched over from this game from Dota 2 about 5 months ago. I had played this game when it was first released and got to level 29 or so and had around 200 wins. I just hit level 30 and instantly started playing ranked games and quickly dropped below 1000 elo(it was pre-season 3 so they still had the whole visible elo thing). I didn't have any idea about masteries/rune setups nor did I know most of the heroes in the game so I had no idea what I was doing for the most part. 900 or so ranked games later, I'm now plat 1 and am pretty sure I will be diamond soon. Just dive into ranked and approach it as a learning opportunity. I suggest not wasting time on bot games or even normal games if you actually want to step up your game because people just don't play as seriously which causes slow improvement. Another tip that I want to give that many may disagree with is not to place an extreme focus on mechanics but rather to focus on decision-making in the game instead. Mechanics improve over time but the main differences between silver to gold to plat players is mainly game sense. Like, you should be extremely aware of the minimap at all times and you should think about whether or not you're doing the right thing at the right time(Example: 40 minutes in, you're adc. Baron is unwarded, bot lane wave is pushing towards their base so its not like the creeps are going to take your tower anytime soon. If you and your support both show yourself in this bot lane out of position, the enemy team can instantly take baron due to the circumstances of where you are if they are in a position close to baron). So my main tips are just to jump straight into ranked and keep analyzing your own play during the game.
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  3. Tips for stepping up my game; more roles or less champions? Pro advice welcome!!

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