Why did Vi fall in popularity?

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User Info: Darius_Bot

4 years ago#21
Her buttocks was too big to fit in through the sign up station door, she couldn't make it ever. She needs to cut back on the Doritos and green soda.

User Info: DPMplusFP

4 years ago#22
Because people began to know what to do against Vi.

User Info: AtomicCanolli

4 years ago#23
Machete 5
Boots 1
Lizard Elder
Giant's Belt / Phage / Locket / Aegis (whichever one you can afford)
Boots 2
Finish Cleaver, Mallet, Locket and Bulwark in whatever order is appropriate given the circumstances.
tsm are the homies and now i'm under tsm so now we like a gang of super good videogamers and homies
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  3. Why did Vi fall in popularity?

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