So, Nasus. What are his weaknesses again?

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User Info: HyperTailsMan

4 years ago#1
Talking about top Nasus, by the way.

Defensive masteries help, and Swiftness Boots (reduced slows) + Spirit of Ancient Golem (tenacity) are both easily workable into his build. Wither's range was boosted.

Not since they nerfed his Q cost.

Weak early game?
Spirit Visage/Glacial Shroud take care of either type of damage, and lifesteal quints let him start the game with 20% lifesteal.

Sits in lane forever, making game 4v5?
With his Q getting +6 off champs, there's actually something of an incentive for him to go for kills now.

I'm not seeing why he isn't the most run top, outside of personal preference. I'm not even the best at last-hitting, and I still end up with ridiculous numbers on my Q by the end of the game. I can only imagine what people who actually know what they're doing could do with this guy. By 30 minutes in you can chunk a tower in 4-5 Qs, so if your team is able to even slightly stall, he can backdoor a turret whenever he feels if he has Teleport.
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User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#2
Not only is he a gdlk top, but he can jungle insanely well too.

He's getting to that "Really really broken" tier.

User Info: aryanbrar

4 years ago#3
Ap champs like rumble and cho. Burst champs like Darius and riven.

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#4
The reason he's more popular in Jungle is because he doesn't get so isolated in top lane farm sessions. He's a great pick, and his Wither/Spirit Fire/Ult utility is practically godlike for the midgame. Can he still contribute these things as a top lane with full farm? Most definitely. Do most people just prioritize getting Q farm instead though? Usually. Is it easier to abuse a top Nasus than a Jungle Nasus? Definitely.

Top Nasus can be denied. Not terribly easy as a lot of people used to say, but I do like him better in the jungle now.

User Info: monstre

4 years ago#5
his burst is pathetic at low level so you easily pressure him away, just focus on last hitting so you don't push your lane too much while keeping him away from minion.
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User Info: breakfastramen

4 years ago#6
The problems with kiting and weak early game you mentioned are both rectified through items. To have enough gold to get said items, you need to be able to survive early game with farm and, preferably, champion kills. Getting said farm and champion kills without help from the items that mitigate his weaknesses can be problematic, particularly depending on his matchup.

Here's another thing I've never gotten: why do people say to just use lifesteal to recover HP and stay in lane, if doing so requires constantly hitting minions? Won't that push the lane more than desired? And for a melee champ, how do you get in a position to hit minions and continue to steal life without taking harass from the enemy top, especially if the enemy is ranged or has good poking abilities? I'm new and not very good at this game, but some of the strategies that people take for granted frequently seem completely untenable from my limited experience. I'm hoping to be proven wrong in the next post or two though, because I'd really like some knowledge on how to implement strategies that involve farming or lifesteal while getting harassed, especially with slower melee champs.

User Info: Doc_Hellraiser

4 years ago#7
By the time you get spirit or glacial shroud it's way past early game lol. He's weakest before 6, after that he gets his ult which makes him pretty much ungankable. If he somehow doesn't die even once before that the lane is lost unless you manage to kill his tower and deny him farm enough by that point.

And I rather have movespeed quints than 3% extra from lifesteal quints when you already get 17% for free. That 3% extra won't save you in lane if the 17% already doesn't, movespeed on a melee champ with no gapcloser will on the other hand.

Any winnable matchup versus nasus comes down to whether his jungler babysits him or not. To win you have to push, you have to keep him off minions with harass and you have to get his tower ASAP. Champions with ranged autoattacks work best as he is very vulnerable to kiting when he has no gold to buy anti-kiting gear with, that and they can get his tower easily.

Alternatively take garen or renekton and force him out of lane as much as you can so you can take his tower. Again this all comes down to if he is babysat by his jungler or not. You will push a lot and this is the hardest part about dealing with nasus. He can farm Q under tower fairly easily and his wither makes ganking top easy.
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User Info: easymodexz

4 years ago#8
Too easy to beat Nasus top lane 1v1 if you see the pick and can counter it. Even if you get counterpick (or counterpick yourself), you can swap duo lanes and crush Nasus' Q farm pretty badly.

Jungle Nasus = utility Nasus and [lower amount] of safe farm.
Top Nasus = trying to be a hard-hitting Nasus, but gets kited and doesn't offer much more than a jungle Nasus even though you invest a solo lane into him.
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