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How to lane against nunu top as jax?

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  3. How to lane against nunu top as jax?

User Info: GoldenFantasy

4 years ago#11
Jax is not an early game champ. He loses against a lot of tanky and sustain champs. Just farm as best as you can and maybe get jungler to camp until you get a kill or 2.
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#12
Herostratus_ posted...

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User Info: darkman95

4 years ago#13
Jax destroys Nunu post 6 just like he destroys everyone else except Elice, Jayce, and Olaf.

User Info: Covenant

4 years ago#14
Sustain through snowballs and farm. As long as you don't feed, you win because you're Jax and he's useless outside of laning.
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  3. How to lane against nunu top as jax?

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