I want to buy Khaz'ix and main him/his roles. So a few questions.

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  3. I want to buy Khaz'ix and main him/his roles. So a few questions.

User Info: NinoSuave

4 years ago#1
Now Khaz is my favorite champ by far. Hes strong, looks cool, has an awesome kit, and although I dont buy skins, if I did, his is def a cool one.

That being said I play a lot of jungle and prefer top over any other role besides that. I played Khaz during his free week and after buying a bunch of T3 runes and getting a few of the 450 and 1350 champs, I decided I am going to finally pick him up.

So I have a few questions regarding Khaz'ix.

1. Is he viable in the jungle and if so why. if not, why not?

2. If top lane, who are some champs I want to avoid with him, like hard counters.

and 3. Is it possible to combo some moves while mid air? Like using his W before landing.
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User Info: xSighx

4 years ago#2
If your team already has tanky initiators (lets say Malphite top and Leona support) then you could go Kha'zix to try to snowball the early game with ganks, if your team doesn't have much of a front line or a way to initiate a fight then Kha'zix isn't the best pick for jungle.

He actually is very good in lane. Better, even, since his kill potential is massive with the steady farm and ignite summoner at his disposal.

User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#3
1. he can play in the jungle, clear and sustain ok. He has ok ganks, nothing to write home about. However it is good to keep in mind, he is much better top and mid then jungle, just because he wants laning money.

2.he is decent at stalemating top, because of his innate sustain and waveclear, along with his jump and invis for escapes. People like jayce, yorick, garen, etc. can be annoying to lane against, anybody who can stack early armor can usually not die, but he isn't really picked for his ability to kill big dudes. He has really good early all ins, and after 6 can at least maintain a fair amount of farm, even in a lane that he has pretty low kill pressure on.

3. sort of, activating them mid air will result in them being cast ASAP, which can expedite your burst.

User Info: unsung_visions

4 years ago#4
Despite what most people will say he is good in the jungle, first few levels are a bit slow because you are squishy, but once you get a few lvls your clear become very fast. Depending on how you evolve, I like to pick W or E first depending on what the people I'm ganking are.

Pro: Fast clears once you get a few lvls.
Kills people fast
Hard to escape him with his slow jump ( and I like to take exhaust on him)
Low CD on q and w
easy to see if target is alone
looks awesome

Cons: Mana hungry
his jump has a long CD so if you get caught with it down good luck

And yes you can use all his skills while you are in the air while jumping. Taking him mid is viable if you are smart about resetting your passive and know how to avoid getting super poked from ranged champs.

As for top I couldn't really help you there, I only play him jungle.
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  3. I want to buy Khaz'ix and main him/his roles. So a few questions.

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