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User Info: Doc_Hellraiser

4 years ago#21
HyperShadow4321 posted...
Malphite is a great top laner. Only champs that tend to mess me up very much tend to be Kennen, Fizz, Jarvan, maybe some others. Champs like Singed, Garen, etc tend to just be stalemates since you usually can't kill each other, then people like Jax, Teemo, etc he can just easily overpower. He gets banned a lot though so you won't get to play him in draft much.

If singed versus malphite is a stalemate then the singed is an idiot period. You can only reliably harass singed with Q and malphite already has mana problems. By comparison singed can just spray poison around your minions the whole day and push. If you try to cs he glues you and flings you into his minions and poison unless you use E to farm which drains your mana pool more. Sooner or later you end up oom with nearly no HP while singed has more forcing you to go b and lose tower. Singed is also one of the few champions that can dive malphite alone successfully.

Likewise malphite vs teemo being easy as against jax is an understatement. You need to stack pots early game to survive until 6 somehow and get him low enough with Q harass to combo him to death. But until that time you lose CS because pre-6 best you can do is throw Q at him which drains your mana pool faster than a frat house drains a keg. It's winnable but not really easy mode.

By comparison all that jax can do against malphite is cry under his tower because you win every trade and he can't last hit or you kill him sooner or later. Although he can be cheecky and build ap to counter your AS debuff on E. Most hillarious match top of my life was when the enemy jax tried 1v1 me at lvl1 when I was malph who started with E. Easiest first blood I ever got.
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User Info: SchmensWife

4 years ago#22
no to all of that

User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#23
Yorick Mori
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User Info: aryanbrar

4 years ago#24
Cho, nasus and Yorick(with tear of goddess) are immoveable due to sustain.

Riven, Darius and others are good as well.

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