What is the treasure chest bundle?

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User Info: Hopz_7

4 years ago#1
Under "bundle" there is a shining treasure chest for 1600 rp and it says I own it already. It won't let me click on it so im wondering what it is. I've never bought any of the bundles before. Anyone know?
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User Info: teh_hellspawn

4 years ago#2
I'm thinking It's something they'll activate later on. Never even noticed it until you mentioned.

Could it be related to the skins that are going up/down in prices? Hrm.
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User Info: tpoyoy

4 years ago#3
your choice of skins you can put together to save rp excluding legendaries....?

User Info: ninplayer

4 years ago#4
Well this is interesting. Can't wait to hear what it is!
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User Info: eco master

eco master
4 years ago#5

Hmm, not seeing it, and I just logged in. Sounds interesting, though. I haven't heard of it either.
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User Info: breakfastramen

4 years ago#6
I logged in after reading this topic to see what you meant, since I don't recall ever seeing that before, and I don't see it.

User Info: MIG297

4 years ago#7
It's a pack of

Miss fortune
and morgana

Get it?

Cos they're chests...that you would treasure.

User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#8
dont see it
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