Changes I would make to Ashe

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User Info: VanishingSkill

4 years ago#1
Ashe is my favorite champ. I don't think she's crappy, under-powered, or in desperate need of a rework. I think she's viable, if a bit boring to play, with some abilities that make little to no sense. Of the 14 ranged adcs, only 4 are played less frequently than her. With the number of ranged adcs available these days, I think the bar has been raised on the kinds of abilities such a champ should bring to the table. Looking at her kit, I think there's several things that could be adjusted to bring her more in line with the other adcs, not so much in terms of power, but in terms of playability.

1. Ashe's passive is terrible. Aside from providing a solid first hit of the game, or dealing a tad bit of extra damage when returning from the shop, it's useless. It incentivizes not attacking, which is the opposite of what an adc should be doing.

2. Ashe has no escape. Besides point blank ulting someone, there's nothing Ashe can do but take ghost and flash and hope for the best. Frost shot is good for kiting when your opponent doesn't have an engage or it's on cooldown. Otherwise practically any ability that moves a champ is sufficient to work passed it.

3. Frostshot, while potentially very powerful in a team fight, is no fun to use. In the early game, you can't afford it. In the late game, you can just leave it on without thinking. You're only making active decisions about when it should be used during those few minutes between early and late game, when you can kind of afford it.

4. Hawkshot is stupid. The bonus gold is negligible, the increased sight is only sometimes useful, and its place in an adc's kit is questionable.

To resolve these four issues, hopefully without changing the overall power of Ashe, I propose the following changes.

1. Ashe's passive changes to grant a stacking bonus crit chance for every aa she lands that doesn't crit, and increases her damage against slowed targets by 5%. The more she attacks and doesn't crit, the better her chances of landing a crit. This incentivizes attacking, and gives her a small passive bonus against targets she has hit with frost shot or a comparable cc effect. As she built crit chance items, she would crit more and her passive would mean less, but her 5% bonus damage to slowed targets would mean more. It's a nice balance of early and late game effectiveness that consistently rewards proper adc play.

2. Upon casting volley, Ashe may immediately recast it to slide backward a short distance. Doing so drastically increases the cooldown of volley. Whereas if not immediately recast, the cooldown of volley would remain the same. This would give Ashe the ability to proceed as normal, mixing in volleys with her aa's when advancing on an opponent, or the ability to at least attempt at a disengage by trading the ability to volley any time soon for a get-away maneuver.

3. Frostshot changes from a toggle, to a cast ability, like many of the self-steroids other adcs have. When cast, frostshot gives a 3 second attack speed buff, and then acts normally for the next few seconds after that. It then goes on a moderate length cooldown. This would make activating frost shot at a good time a more interesting and strategic choice. The bonus attack speed would reward hitting the button at the right time, and the limited duration and cooldown would penalize sloppy use. It would stay skill based throughout the game, rather than being something you eventually don't have to think about.

4. The gold portion of Hawkshot is removed, the cooldown remains the same, the ability gains 1 additional effect. Any enemy champion near the spot where the hawkshot explodes has their attack speed reduced by a small amount for 2 seconds. While this would do practically nothing when used for scouting, it would allow the hawkshot to be used in desperate dueling situations against nearby targets, or upon initiation in a team fight. In which case you would need to choose between going into a fight with vision, or going into it with a slight AS edge.

User Info: FvP

4 years ago#2
4. Hawkshot is stupid.

Free baron vision from far away. what.
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User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#3
FvP posted...
4. Hawkshot is stupid.

Free baron vision from far away. what.

User Info: 9tailedphoenix

4 years ago#4
I actually really like the Volley and passive ideas. But not so much the others. The hawkshot thing is okay, but removing the toggle of frost shot is removing what a lot of people play Ashe for. Her pick rate might actually go down.
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User Info: VanishingSkill

4 years ago#5
Yep, once a game you can see baron being taken. Either you're checking it because someone on your team forgot to ward, or the enemy team is there and killed all your wards. If you're too far away to ward, then you're too far away to engage and steal. In that rare situation where you hawkshot it and someone nearby manages to flash the wall and smite baron, hawkshot is pretty damn cool. The fact that an adc has an entire ability built around that one, rare scenerio is pretty dumb.

You might as well give an adc the ability to, once a game, randomly deal 400 damage to an enemy champ. It might win the game for you 1 in 100 games. Otherwise it's useless. Same thing with hawkshot.

User Info: VanishingSkill

4 years ago#6
but removing the toggle of frost shot is removing what a lot of people play Ashe for.

She would still have frost shot, it just wouldn't be up 100% of the time. If you were good at positioning, predicting fight outcomes, and maximizing a short term buff, it would be as effective if not more so. If you were bad at those things, it wouldn't do much for you. The idea that an ability can just be forgotten about 20 minutes into the game is one of the boring things about her. I imagine people play her because of what frost shot can do, not because they don't have to think about it. Between fire and forget, and making strategic choices, I think the latter should always be the goal of ability mechanics.

User Info: VanishingSkill

4 years ago#7
One of the things that I think bothers me about Ashe so much, is that there really isn't anything about her, in particular, that you can get good it. Granted, the differences between good and bad adcs generally all apply; positioning, attacking while moving, last hitting, choosing targets. But otherwise her kit is devoid of actual skill based abilities, things that you need to get good with for her specifically. Aside from crystal arrow, which isn't different in terms of mechanics than any other long range adc ult, a la Ez or Draven. But consider things that you need to get good at unique with other adcs. Draven's axe catching mechanic, Trist's jumps, Vayne's tumble and wall stun, Varus' unique charge up shot, Quinn's everything, etc.

Ashe has a toggle (nothing to be good at), hawkshot (nothing to be good at), and volley (which you barely have to aim, just point in the general direction of). If you can consistently land her ult, which is really just the ability to consistently land a long range skill shot hardly different from any other, then you've mastered her specifically. Everything else is generic adc stuff, applicable to everyone.

User Info: Colegreen_c12

4 years ago#8
"Ashe is my favorite champion except for over half of her kit."

The only decent change you mentioned was the passive.

Every other change is breaking the champion and her purpose.

User Info: Badmood136

4 years ago#9
Hawkshot is stupid

Free long range vision once a minute is stupid...

Stopped reading there.
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User Info: VanishingSkill

4 years ago#10
Every other change is breaking the champion and her purpose.

Care to explain, rather than speaking in vague generalities?
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