What do ADCs usually start with?

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User Info: easymodexz

4 years ago#11
Yes, it's good both for when the enemy is harassing a lot, and for when they are not (the sustain will allow you to aggress a lot and pressure/zone).

The main difference is whether or not you think you will be successful for an all-in aggression, or if you feel like you may need a red pot to survive a tower dive (in which case, red elixir start).

Overall, the main downside of the LS quint start is that you lose the 6.75 AD from AD quints. The doran's blade alone is usually considered slightly less-than-ideal sustain though.

Of course, if you have a support with a heal you can pick up AD quints and the Doran's. Lulz.

User Info: AtomicCanolli

4 years ago#12
If their lane has sustain and yours doesn't, longsword + 2 pots.

Otherwise Doran's + LS quints imo
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  3. What do ADCs usually start with?

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