Renekton vs Riven

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User Info: xSighx

4 years ago#1
OK so I just had a pretty good match top lane against Riven (I was Renekton).

Early game, I zoned her really hard, harassed her when she went in for a CS, hit 50 fury, went for an EWQ -> E away combo, and forced her to back.

I came back to lane with a few health pots, a new ward, a cloth armor, and a doran's blade to her doran's blade and 1 potion.

But that Doran's blade was all she needed to start COMPLETELY out trading me. Like, her shield nullified any damage i could return to her while chunking me to a ridiculous degree. And then she hit level 6 and just flash ulted me under my turret for first blood because riven :D

Anyway my team said Renekton is supposed to beat Riven in lane, but I don't really see how that can be true. Is it an issue with runes/masteries? Or do I have to play really passive? Or really aggressive? And bait her E with my own then harass her when her shield is down?
I mostly main mid so the thing that is most difficult for me is memorizing all these new matchups, this one in particular being one I've played maybe once in recent history and I don't even remember it.

What do you guys think? Does Riven just have too much damage and sustain for Renekton to win lane against? Or is there something I'm doing wrong?

User Info: LChaos2

4 years ago#2
I thought this matchup was in Renekton's favor?
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User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#3
Her shield and Doran's shouldn't have nullified all the damage you do.

Obviously going for little trades then backing off is a bad idea when she has a manaless shield, you've got to chunk a lot harder when you do engage.
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User Info: iiTryhard

4 years ago#4
my friend who mains riven said the only champ he can't all in at level 2-3 is renekton
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User Info: shadyelf

4 years ago#5
What masteries did you go? I always go 9/21 and it helps me quite a bit. I haven't done 21/9 ever since I faced an Akali who went 1/28 and outraded me with her high base damages early.

I think you should try and bait her stun out, and avoid doing prolonged trades because her passive's damage adds up quite fast.

User Info: OgreBattle019

4 years ago#6
infinitexx posted...
you've got to chunk a lot harder when you do engage.

the reason jax beats riven most of the time, but people dont understand why
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