Worst part of gaming today: Microtransactions

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User Info: wantfastcars

4 years ago#11
DLC and microtransactions, in their very core ideas, aren't bad.

Microtransactions that make a game "Pay-2-Win" (like most mobile phone games that offer microtransactions) are awful, and DLC that was on the disk (or should have been) is a rip-off (like pretty much all CoD DLC). When it's microtransactions like this game has, or DLC for content that was actually made and released after the game itself as actual supplemental content that didn't warrant an entirely new game (think Borderlands)? It's ok. Not all DLC is awful.

Also, I don't mind QTEs, as long as they aren't shoehorned or like, every other attack from something throws you into a QTE.
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User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#12
ineedaname88 posted...
I thought it was the poor quality of nearly everything and the stupid obsession qith quicktime events for everything that was the worst part of gaming now.

That's more bandwagoning and paranoid marketing teams. TimeSplitters 4 wasn't given the go-ahead because of Haze failing, rather than the successes of the first 3 - plus it isn't the same as every other shooter out there, who'd want to risk that? :O Started at the end of the previous generation really. Resident Evil 4 GOTY? Everybody does QTEs. San Andreas taking the world by storm? Bunch of sandbox ghetto themed games ahoy. And it's worse this generation. FPS is a maggot-infested corpse of a genre now (Bioshock Infinite at least gave it some merit), everything is a sequel of copycat game. No wonder indie games are getting huge recognition now.
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User Info: AnubisGhost

4 years ago#13
the DLC I hated the most was in Dargon Age

you buy the game from day 1 and you already have 2 DLC quest to buy? i'm sorry but for me DLC is an EXTRA that should be available a while AFTER the game is out

as for microtransactions, Riot's way is a good way... you don't have to buy them if you don't want them and that's the way it should be

User Info: Viewtiful_Jon

4 years ago#14
Microtransactions are the worst thing in gaming today. Doesn't mean that they are a bad thing and Riot doe's them right even if I do think they are over priced, that is up to the person buying the items to decide. But it won the poll due to things like Capcom's on disk DLC you had to wait around 9 months for them to release and EA doing that Mass Effect 3 item crafting.

If publishers handled it different and made people feel like all the DLC they release are things they would of never got to experience in a previous gen then it would be far more loved, what we have on consoles is things we got for free last gen now costing us $10 to access.

User Info: HagenEx

4 years ago#15
The worst part is not microtransactions, it is a problem but not the biggest one. The worst issue right now is the ideas recycling, people are too lazy to come up with new gameplay ideas, and every game in the same genre ends up being the same **** but painted in a different color.

Microtransactions are good as long as they dont turn the game into pay to win. LoL has a balanced system since you cant buy runes for example. Some games like Lineage 2, Dragon Nest though, have pay to win systems, with stuff like overenchanting your gear and stuff.

User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#16
i dont think microtransactions are even a bad thing. they're always completely optional and games that have them essentially mandatory never do well or just plain aren't good.

the constant sequels and remakes are what i thought was the worst...no original ideas means this stuffs just gonna die out soon. :/ at least console gaming is.
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