Ridiculous ranked win streak

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User Info: BurnumMaster

4 years ago#11
Sounds like you are just playing at a higher skill since warding and ganking are things bronze doesnt do.

User Info: Pyrizzla

4 years ago#12

I once had a 11 win streak with Corki only literally.

The thing is Ranked is Highly luck of the draw based!

So when people give tips and advice on how to play ranked it doesnt really help because despite how much you try encourage your team, not feed, gank lanes there's a huge possibility you get:
UnCarryable Feeders
Someone whose attitude is terrible.
Silver "Pro's" who "Know it all"

And while you get 1/2 of these on your team the other team has a team that actually functions together.

The common issue is that My jungler seems to have lost his map and is lost in the jungle while their jungle is a super rambo jungler. Or someone feeds and says "GG ALL", "this team sucks" when they are the only one who is 0/3 etc.

Tl;dr There's no Real way to "Progress" faster if you already have the concepts of the game down as Matchmaking is random (within your skill level) giving you a 4/5 chance of getting players who don't want to better themselves or have some other issue causing a loss unless you HARD carry.

End Note: Ranked is 90% Luck of the draw based
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