*starts ranked game*

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User Info: BurnumMaster

4 years ago#11
Whats the big deal? You carried 4v5 right?

User Info: shinigami_matt

4 years ago#12
lightdragoon88 posted...
shinigami_matt posted...
_HeX posted...
The real mystery here is what did he have for lunch?

This is what I want to know.

Moonpie with some Sunny D.

Whelp, that's certainly worth leaving for, so fair.
Go then, there are other worlds than these. - The Gunslinger

User Info: Planescaped

4 years ago#13
Six year old's can't just tell their mom to wait with their lunch while they League.
The clouds pass... the rain does its work and all individual beings flow into their forms." The Book of Changes
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