Patch 3.6 Notes

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User Info: wantfastcars

4 years ago#61
thedarklordx3 posted...
who actually cares about lissandra?

*raises hand*

She was what I was most looking forward to in this patch. Oh well, it (hopefully) won't be more than a couple more days until she's out.
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User Info: gkh5

4 years ago#62
Lol Riot. Now all manaless tops are just gonna start rejuv bead 5 pots and do the same thing they already do.
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User Info: Wingding11

4 years ago#63
chaoshadou posted...
lol did they just gut Udyr? This is horrible, that better be scaling total ad and not bonus ad, or else Udyr is gonna be pretty useless, especially now that they changed his mini dash, the one the really only helped him when he was close enough to attack anyway :|.

Chances are that it is still total AD. Can't imagine they'd nerf it to bonus AD, although the description was really vague.

Based on scaling Total AD, the change is actually good.

Old Tiger:

Lvl1; 150% AD proc + 5% more attack speed. Magic Damage.

Lvl5; 150% AD proc + 5% more attack speed. Magic Damage.

New Tiger:

Lvl1; 120% AD proc +15% AD per hit. Physical Damage.

Lvl5; 160% AD proc +15% AD per hit. Physical Damage.

Basically, if you manage to get two attacks in, Level 1 Tiger is nearly equivalent, and then vastly overtakes old tiger by the third attack. By level 3, new Tiger is completely better even in terms of one-hit burst, plus it doubles the old active AS bonus, meaning more power for later on when you're constantly swapping stances. I predict a slightly slower Tiger Jungle start based on the switch to Physical Damage, though.

A constant uptime 70% attack speed buff and 175% Total AD Tiger for lategame is actually very scary. Then add the 15% bonus damage for every hit thereafter. You'll have applied (100*3+160+15*3=) 505% of your Total AD within 3 hits of tiger. Ouch.

Just had to nerd out there, I think this new Udyr will be fun. Looking forward to Quinn, too. 60 MS passive and a ministun.
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User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#64
and how is that a nerf to udyr?

the base value on q stayed the same. the bonus starts off just a little weaker. and the attack speed went up (doubled) and his new passive is gaining damage on his atacks...which basically makes up for the lower ratios...this doesnt seem like a nerf to me lol
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User Info: Game Show

Game Show
4 years ago#65
What about Udyr's bear stance?
"Udyr now only dashes when stunning champions"
Does that mean he only gets the movement speed buff after stunning an enemy champ?

Also, how does the tiger stance change his build overall? I've been maxing turtle, bear, and phoenix

And what's the word on the Karma buffs, is she going to be viable yet
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User Info: TMOG

4 years ago#66
What happened to the price drop for Warwick and Skarner? I thought that was supposed to hit when Lissandra was available, but they're both still at 1350/6300.

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