Convince me not to buy Trundle.

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User Info: onemoment1985

4 years ago#1
Hello, like many I've ignored Trundle in favor of many, many champions, but with this rework I feel like somethings clicked. I like the idea of a tanky dps with a bunch of environment changing moves and debuffs. However, I fear I might be falling for a FOTM, and will only be disappointed later and waste IP I could have spent on other champs. I've done this too many times before.

Is Trundle good? Bad? For reference, another champ I like is Blitzcrank.
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User Info: awwwSNAP

4 years ago#2
He'll get nerfed soon. The minor buffs were just what he needed. BotRK and CDR = trollin all day and night

User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#3
he was pretty good before he got these number changes, and the few qol changes.

now? well now I wouldn't be surprised if he gets some nerfs
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  3. Convince me not to buy Trundle.

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