Tales of a Solo Queue ADC

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User Info: charlesrules

4 years ago#11
Support Jarvan is great. Best Kill Lane partner ever.

Doesn't sound like this support Jarvan was that great.

But what could of happened if you had of copped a few kills in those first few minutes? You and support Jarvan could have had gold to buy wards (you could even place them yourself).

Not saying you where in the wrong but you could of made the best of a bad situation.
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User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#12
Akali_Bot posted...
9tailedphoenix posted...
Akali_Bot posted...
TL;DR Version: Don't play ranked if you don't know how to play all roles decently, otherwise you'll become a burden like the dense Jarvan I had for a support

TL;DR don't force the last pick into a role they don't want to do if you want the game to go agreeably.

I did offer him the choice between ADC and Support.
He chose Support, as he said: "I'm horrible at ADC"

can you imagine his ADC then?

JiminyTheDingo posted...
Ranked is a troll's delight. People care about it more, so they rage about it harder, giving the trolls more satisfaction. It's awesome.

jarvan is the best troll champ in the game, dat ult that can trap your team or wall you off from the enemy or wall your team into the enemy

followed by TF/shen who can KS/feed/initiate stupid fights/escape and leave his team to die from across the map

followed by panth and noct who can do the same with a shorter range

followed by champs who can move people against their will, like alistar knocking the bruiser into your carry, or blitz pulling the enemy from certain death into a kill, or naut doing the same, or gragas ulting and saving your enemy or condemning your allies

there's a lot of troll potential in league
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User Info: UnderwaterAir

4 years ago#13
Tales of a Solo Queue ADC

I know your feel, bro. Trust me. I'm an ADC main and my win rate with Ezreal is like, 33% right now thanks to the trolls and baddies. I can blame a few games on the disconnectors but I tend to blame them less. Things happen. Internet goes out for them, etc.

User Info: Kiluuen

4 years ago#14
Akali_Bot posted...

We couldn't get towers, global objectives, nor did we have map vision, Jarvan did not buy 1 single ward that entire game, forcing the rest of the team to ward.

In fairness, the rest of the team should be buying wards anyway.

User Info: Blueyoshi14

4 years ago#15
I have three irl friends that i cannot play bot with as them support. They all practically refuse to buy wards. I just want one in the river. That's all i ask for. Similarish situation.
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