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User Info: MachDragon

4 years ago#1
Stan the Rogue minion

P When Stan targets an enemy caster minion with a basic attack, it is immediately promoted and permanently switches sides. When Stan targets any siege minion, Stan rides the siege minion for 20 seconds, increasing his movement speed by 15%. For as long as Stan is in control of the siege minion, any damage dealt to Stan will instead be dealt to the siege minion. Additionally, the siege minion attacks every time Stan does, dealing 30% of Stan's total AD. If the siege minion is not destroyed after 20 seconds, it is let free and cannot be ridden again. If an opposing Stan targets this freed siege minion, the opposing Stan permanently gains 20 armor.

Q Stan's basic attacks slow enemies for 3/6/9/12/15% movement speed and apply grievous wounds for 3 seconds (slowing effect stacks twice).

W Stan's basic attacks ignore 5/10/15/20/25% of the target's armor.

E Stan's basic attacks deal 10/20/35/50/70 splash magic damage upon impact to enemies within 200 range of the target. Enemy champions receiving this magic damage give triple their bounty if they are killed this way. Enemies that are shut down from this magic damage give only double their bounty.

R Stan summons a promoted siege minion with 7 times its usual health and armor to his location, riding it to become Maroon Rider Stan the Valiant for 7 seconds or until the siege minion is destroyed. For the duration of the spell Stan gains 80% movement speed and 30/40/50 bonus AD. If a nearby ally clicks Stan or the siege minion, he gets to ride the siege minion. An ally riding the siege minion cannot perform any actions, other than clicking anywhere to get off. Allies riding the siege minion gain 240 health regeneration and 160 mana regeneration. Allies within 1000 range of Maroon Rider Stan the Valiant have their tenacities and cooldown reductions doubled, capping at 100% and 80% respectively. Maroon Rider Stan the Valiant places a ward at his location every second. If the siege minion is not destroyed at the end of the spell, it explodes, dealing 400/600/800 magic damage to all enemy champions within 300 range of it and giving allies within the same range a 50% attack speed buff, which lasts for 4 seconds. If the siege minion is destroyed before the end of the spell, Stan becomes Crimson Avenger Stan the Enraged, obtaining a 200 AD bonus for 7 seconds.


User Info: doomfist

4 years ago#2
The ultimate seems like it was created by a 5 year old with down sydrome
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User Info: Qwuiz

4 years ago#3
SIash posted...
The ultimate seems like it was created by a 5 year old with down sydrome

I just laughed SO hard LOL

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