Just played katarina for the first time

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User Info: Brutal_Felix

4 years ago#1
2 quads and 3 triples. Beginners luck or is this typical Kat play? I built her pure ap which is prob wrong but worked out for me.
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User Info: Dragonfable101

4 years ago#2
If you're good at kat playing against bad people that's usually how it goes.
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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#3
Pure AP is better than it used to be before her rework when Q and R scaled decently with AD. I'm pretty sure I remember both spells dealing more damage with an AD build than with AP, at the cost of E being weak as hell.
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User Info: Xialoh

4 years ago#4
Just played her first time as well, in an ARAM. 11//6/21, not bad, but not as good as our Vayne who did the same but with 21 kills and 11 less assists I suppose she's kind of fun.
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User Info: xSighx

4 years ago#5
Katarina is very easy to get multikills with. Doubles and even Triples are fairly standard. Quadras, a little bit rarer, but well within the realm of possibility. Pentas? I don't have numbers but I'm guessing she's one of the easiest if not THE easiest champ to get pentas with.

As far as how you build her - Her AP ratios are somewhat poor for her bread and butter spells (QW) so I prefer to build early MPen and get a little bit of AP later in the game. Survivability is also crucial. I generally don't like GA that much but it is really strong on Katarina in conjunction with ZA to wait for cooldowns.

My standard build:

Start: Wards and Pots
Early: Haunting Guise or Abyssal Scepter (if you are worried about magic damage. I usually build this if I'm in lane against someone like Akali)
Core: Sorcerer's Shoes, Zhonya's Hourglass, Haunting Guise

Late Game:
Sorc Shoes
Zhonya's Hourglass
Void Staff
Rabadon's Deathcap
Warmog's Armor
Wards (If your team is doing a really good job of warding, I'd get GA...but usually I am the only one who is actively trying to maintain vision)
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