zed nerfs

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User Info: Dwhite_1

4 years ago#11
bump for smoke weed
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User Info: wehomies

4 years ago#12
rip zed
that e took away massive amount of burst from zed
q nerf is understandable since zed's supposed to be a single-target sin
now zed will just be a piece of garbage
if the koreans are all flocking over to talon, and they are (ignoring khaz since they're saying khaz will benerfed to the ground as well), there's something wrong here

User Info: Stalky24

4 years ago#13
Please no.

Please no.

Please dont increase CD on E.


Jungle Zed is going to be hit drasticly :(

User Info: Alpha218

4 years ago#14
From: Susan0 | Posted: 5/3/2013 11:46:44 PM | #009
HeartlessCharms posted...
Susan0 posted...
TomorrowDog posted...
How come Zed gets these salvos of topics when he gets nerfed.

He's OP.

Also, The less people that play him, the better

Please, explain to me how Zed is OP. OR are you just repeating what you hear?

To be exact, when a certain pro streamer, plays him, everyone picks him up, believing that he is actually 'OP', FotM status

OP thing about him is His ult, which gives FREE invincibiltiy frames much like Yi's Q, and deals additional damage based on the damage he inflicts in the duration

Not only that, at rank 5 W, he gets a 20~25% Increase in TOTAL AD. If you manage to reach 6 Items, your total AD is around 450~500 AD, with this, you can back door easily since you always will build a BotRK.

Zed also deals percentile magic damage for his passive, making trades favour him even if you are building tanky. (I fought a 2~3K HP Nasus with his ult and I bursted him down 90-0 in a matter of seconds)

His W gives 25% BONUS AD at level 5. Not total.
No, he does damage if he builds damage. The magic damage will ONLY proc on someone who has less than 50% health and ONLY once in a 10 second time frame.
Yes the ult gives him invincibility but it's part of what allows him to assassinate.
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