Best carry out of elo hell champs

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User Info: Thanatosz

4 years ago#1
Hey, title says it all. heres a form to fill out

Best 3150 to carry out of bronze:
Best 4800 to carry out of bronze:
best 6300 to carry out of bronze:

just put champs in there for your opinions
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User Info: Brutal_Felix

4 years ago#2
Mundo goes where he pleases
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User Info: Fenrir the Wolf

Fenrir the Wolf
4 years ago#3
And then John was a zombie.

User Info: BreezyExcursion

4 years ago#4
Blue Build Ezreal

User Info: DeadpooL7

4 years ago#5
Whoever youre good with....

In bronze everyone is so bad all you need is whoever youre best with... even Heimer is fine if hes your best champ.

The main thing is DO NOT play someone cause otehr people list them as the best carry. Their best carry =/= your best. I think thats a big problem for a lot of bronze players. They just play a champ cause theyre told its good but the champ doesnt click for them.
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User Info: Doc_Hellraiser

4 years ago#6
Some easy mode wins in bronze unless you feed or go afk:

Twisted Fate: just get to level 6, ping on whichever enemy laner is at the midpoint of his lane and move closer to that lane. Press R, prepare gold card, click to teleport between him and the safety of his tower. Stun, ignite, Q, whack him with auto attacks and stun again if he's not dead yet. Your jungler cacthes their jungler? Ult to help him. Top getting all-in'd? Ult there. Enemy laner escapes with barely any health? Ult to reveal him and finish him off. For bonus points gank bot to get your adc a doublekill, tower and drake. If their mid is dumb and comes to clean up bot kill him in a 3v1 as well. Who needs farm when you've got the best ganking kit in the game?

Morgana: you can't feed with her. Not unless they pick caitlyn mid or vlad but even then you can always farm passively with W and shrug off her harass with your passive spell vamp. Just max W first, push all day. If somebody comes to gank press E and cast it on your self, snare them. You probably won't even have to blow flash. In teamfights you snare somebody (this is bronze, somebody will fail to dodge your snares) your team kills him. Flash into the middle of the enemy team, press R, zhonyas if you have it and they're trying to kill you, win.

Blitzcrank: his effectiveness rises the worse the enemy players are. Always invade their jungle, guaranteed first blood. Their bot will never pick a support to counter you and their adc will always fail to stand behind minions. Somebody will always expose himself to grabs, just never grab a tank especially alistar. Remember to ward, wards=more odds of spotting somebody roaming solo and grabbing him.

Thresh: Like blitzcrank only with a slower grab but better kit. Punishes dumb all-ins harder, which will happen because adc is arguably the role bronze players are worst at. Has good ranged harass.

Anivia: this is bronze, how many people do you think will try to dive you when your passive is up? A lot. Also expect nobody to be able to dodge your stun, skillshots are the bane of bad players.

Amumu: lower leagues are all about teamfights and he has one of the best ults if not the best for those. Ganks are decent and wards are an alien concept to too many of your opponents that aren't supports bot.

Nautilus: we already know the bronze league laner cannot into dodging skillshots, especially skillshot grabs. We also know they probably don't ward. Why not play the only jungler with an "OP grab" to exploit that? Just remember, don't try to grab them until they blow flash or are near their tower, the snare on his passive is enough. Post-6 your ganks are even more hilarious. If people are chasing your carries remember to auto attack each of them once to proc your snare.

Malphite: if they pick a melee AD top you win. You just stack armor and hp with CDR, max E first, a damage item or two are an optional luxury (both bruiser items like Trinity Force or AP items like Abyssal work). Ult into their ad carry, Q, spam E, ignite him.Odds are you'll kill him, proceed to spam E near the other AD based champions.
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