so who is your pick for season 3 winner

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User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#1

User Info: mkek

4 years ago#2
From what i've seen ashe's tribe seems to be pretty popular

User Info: BIadeBIade

4 years ago#3
I believe that Invictus Gaming is currently the strongest team in the world.

It's hard to guess for finals, and I can't give one team that I think has the best chance with so many variables.

My top five are Invictus, World Elite, Frost, Taipei Assassins, and Fnatic. Mainly due to their historically proven success and preparation skills.

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User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#4
I would say either WE, CJ Frost or Fnatic.

User Info: Stalky24

4 years ago#5
KT Rolster B

User Info: CheezWhizX

4 years ago#6
OMG is currently stronger than both iG and WE. If those two don't get their act together, they're gonna fall behind and won't be able to catch up. Any other teams from the regions are non-factors, with the exception of maybe KT Rolster B.

And S2 champs TPA are looking to be one of the worst "top" teams in 2013. Loss after loss is starting to get to them.
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User Info: angermngment101

4 years ago#7

User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#8

JK, I hope TSM wins or TPA
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User Info: TheFinalEnigma

4 years ago#9
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