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User Info: xLinkku

4 years ago#41
I'm not really sure what Jayce would prepare...
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User Info: theBIGman53

4 years ago#42
Nidalee. I hope she kills something fresh and cooks it up for me.
Just so everyone knows, the plural of STAFF is STAVES

User Info: Phantom0708

4 years ago#43
LChaos2 posted...

Korean sounds nice.


Get out, nine-tailed foxes are japanese legends
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User Info: howar3udoing

4 years ago#44
jarvan makes me food possibly the most manly meal i will have my entire life
The absence of evidence is not the evidence of absence

User Info: LOZLTTP

4 years ago#45

uh hell no
Many people, of course, use 'sentimentalism' as a term of abuse for other people's decent feelings, and realism as a disguise for their own brutality. G H Hardy

User Info: Scisor50

4 years ago#46

Sure it's very well cooked. XD
Maybe you've already seen the truth.
"Only idiots answer a question with another question"

User Info: JuliMizrahi

4 years ago#47
Annie... well, at least I know it won't be undercooked.
There are no stupid questions. Just pointless questions asked in incredibly stupid ways.

User Info: tranquilizerrr

4 years ago#48
Tryndamere roasts me some meat on a spit and we drink ale.
Talk is cheap.

User Info: rkade8583

4 years ago#49

Steam/Skype/XBLA: RKade8583 LoL: RKade the Tank
I'm almost blind. If you think that's a problem then you haven't seen my skills. Spite motivates, believe me.

User Info: leon_trunks

4 years ago#50

Bring out the bear flanks!
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