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User Info: BramStark

4 years ago#61
Elise.. uhh, live preys? NO..
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User Info: hypermoe

4 years ago#62

Fish...Koi to be exact!
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User Info: FlareBladeLord

4 years ago#63

Eh, probably. She's a woman.
Heard of skills?

User Info: hyorinryu

4 years ago#64
I don't really have a main, but I thought of Leona. I don't think she'll kill me, so why not.
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User Info: OdinXivraj

4 years ago#65

"I'm Mort Agrippa you see...I control zombie ninjas. Are they zinjas? Are they nombies? I don't know!" ------- 8 people know what this quote is from

User Info: VincentV2088

4 years ago#66
I don't actually have a main... Looks like I'm eating alone again tonight. :'(

User Info: xerosplash

4 years ago#67

"Spartans! Ready your breakfast and eat hearty...FOR TONIGHT WE DINE IN HELL!" -King Leonidas, 300

The breakfast, I would enjoy, however, dinner, not so much.

User Info: wind64a

4 years ago#68
TheBaronBoom posted...
Phantom0708 posted...
LChaos2 posted...

Korean sounds nice.


Get out, nine-tailed foxes are japanese legends

knowledge is power...

as for me...... Sejuani, so it will most likely be roasted boar so yes I'd eat it.

I'm sure Ahri would make some excellent Lobster, with some fine wine to drink on the side. There would be German Chocolate Cake for dessert. I wonder if anyone actually understood why I listed those.

Anyhow as stated earlier I'm sure Sona would be able to cook amazing foods of all tones.
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User Info: al3azmi

4 years ago#69

i guess he'll make me some edible shadow?
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User Info: kr90000

4 years ago#70

My food is full of gems that are truly outrageous.
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