Thresh or Zac for my next buy?

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User Info: R_Jackal

4 years ago#1
Just getting back in to the game after a long hiatus, and I like both gank-heavy junglers and supports-that-aren't-healbots. I was going to go for Zac but, just looked at Thresh's abilities, found out he can be played in...a good variety of roles. Either champion more viable? Not OP, just...more accessibility in a variety of team comps, both solo and organized.

User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#2
zac because

User Info: ryana

4 years ago#3
Thresh is pretty much the best support in the game right now.

Zac is very good too though.

Too many Thresh's out there already, get Zac.

User Info: xLinkku

4 years ago#4
Thresh, because he's amazing. He's a really great support and ADC.
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User Info: Waluigi1

4 years ago#5
Zac is so fun. :3
PSO is teh best!

User Info: princemarth23

4 years ago#6
Zac is one of the junglers I go to when I want to carry and have a ton of presence on the map. If you want a jungler, you can't go wrong with him. Same goes for Thresh as a support. Personally, I'm not much of a support player so I'd go Zac.
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  3. Thresh or Zac for my next buy?

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