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User Info: Slayn

4 years ago#11
Flat pen reds
flat armor yellows
5x cdr/level 4x ap/lvl blues
spellvamp quints


dont go back until stone+boots
rush spectral wraith
kages->morellos ( dfg works too )
lichbane, voidstaff, hourglass options

Even with 6% spellvamp you should not get too low, position yourself so you hit all the camps at once. When you get spectral, you will be healing off of every camp, and all the other stats are awesome. Morellos, spectral, and cdr blues will give you 40% cdr at 18, 35% otherwise. With sorc, liandrys, and reds you will have decent mpen. Deathcap obvious. Liandry's works well with ult. Lichbane is my favorite for burst, voidstaff if they stack mr, hourglass if heavy ad or if they have someone led zed or karthus where you need to hourglass their ults.
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