ITT: Make your own champion skin

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User Info: Phantom0708

4 years ago#1
Think of as many skins you would like for existing champions

I'll start

Boku no Ezreal. Ezreal wears women's clothing and no one is the wiser
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User Info: jonlaw101

4 years ago#2
Spider Elise

When she transforms, she transforms into a spider.
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User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#3
Crazy Cat Lady Syndra.

She's crazy, and throws cats
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User Info: Sexy_L4DY

4 years ago#4
Frog woman Nami.

User Info: Final_Hatsamu

4 years ago#5
Karth Sinatra



The White Quinn

V for Vi

Ashe Ketchum

Mortal Kombat Jax

Urgot to be kidding me

Sorry... I'm bored at work o.o
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User Info: Vrrrooom

4 years ago#6
Reverse Sejuani

User Info: Sexy_L4DY

4 years ago#7
Vrrrooom posted...
Reverse Sejuani


User Info: Shivan999999999

4 years ago#8
Terminator Viktor.
That would be good times.

Small Game Hunter Rengar
Has Teemo's head either in one hand or hanging from a necklace
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User Info: mystic belmont

mystic belmont
4 years ago#9
Gokai Red Gangplank
Raziel Thresh
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User Info: kaysa13

4 years ago#10
Riot should do a Rule 63 on the next April Fools' day. For a day, they gender-swap all characters on at least one map. That'll be crazy.
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