Trundle top is broken.

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User Info: tivanenk

4 years ago#1
One of my friends told me that Trundle is broken top so I decided to try him... and well, he is OP. He pushes towers so damn fast and can easily 1v2. He is like AP TRynd back in the day, except better. Most people haven't discovered his OPness because people use him in the jungle, but just go top, build BotRK, Hydra, and MErcs, then go for health, and splitpush till no tomorrow.
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User Info: Sword_Slasher

4 years ago#2
tivanenk posted...
Trundle is broken

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User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#3
I noticed Trundle's ability to split push the first time I used him in free week. He's actually pretty fun to play too. He doesn't quite play like AP Trynd since he can and does actually fight. He's also really good in teamfights. The ability to corner people against walls with his E then AA/Q combo people to death with W up is also pretty entertaining.

...he's probably going to be hit, isn't he?

User Info: _poi____

4 years ago#4
Trundle can't carry late game, he isn't OP.

User Info: TheSteelPhoenix

4 years ago#5
Everytime I see a trundle top he is destroying the game. Anytime I see one in the jungle they aren't doing crap.
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User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#6
Play this while playing as him in top lane.
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User Info: tpoyoy

4 years ago#7
really? i just killed one as nunu top their jungler had to camp cause i threw iceball every time he tried to cs

User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

4 years ago#8
Yep, he been dominating everytime I see him top.

Insane health regen and stuff too.
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User Info: FFFanboy78912

4 years ago#9
Botrk Spirit Visage coupled with his w and r makes him so hard to take down.

User Info: HighUlitma

4 years ago#10
Really, it's been the opposite for me. Every Trundle top gets wrecked by Volibar, Darius, Jax, etc. and every jungle I've seen is very good.
Point is, until I see a good trundle top, I will take it as bad.
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  3. Trundle top is broken.

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