Just played Ahri vs Nasus

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User Info: FlorenceLights

4 years ago#1
Early game I AAd him as much as I could and combo'd him whenever it was possible, but it didn't matter because with his lifesteal quints + passive he just healed everything back. He maxed E and pushed lane hard (I could counterpush but never push it all the way to his turret) and his maxed E dealt more initial damage to me (i.e. I ran out of it/avoided it asap) than any of my pitiful harass did to him. He could never kill me or anything and I could kite him easily but the problem was that it was essentially a free farm lane for him. You're supposed to shut him down early but it's hard when he starts with a ridiculous amount of sustain and tankiness and ignores you. Jungler intervention might have worked but my jungler was preoccupied bot.

What can I do as a squishy AP caster mid vs Nasus in order to shut him down before he starts 1v3ing my team?

Edit: and he rushed a chalice, making things even worse
Edit #2: when I got 6 I actually could burst him down reasonably low, but then he popped his ult and we ended up at about even health %s and it was back to normal

User Info: Milkydragon102

4 years ago#2
An early gank would probably have worked wonders but hoping for a good gank in a random game is like hoping for it to start raining malt liquor.

EDIT: In short, nothing. Deal with it.
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