PSA: Sivir doesn't fall off late game

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User Info: Dartkun

4 years ago#11
Just want to make sure to say for clarity, no one is saying any champion cannot be used to carry with.

Sivir does have big damage potential on her Q, but looking at how much it degrades per target (20% per subsequent champion with a damage floor after 4 targets), it really requires you to hit both forwards and back. Which is harder to do than what other ADCs have to do to deal the same amounts of damage.

If Sivir was like the original Ezreal which was high risk - high reward, I think it'd make a lot more sense than her current higher-risk, lower-reward. But such is the balance of the game and her kit. It's possible but just harder, I feel like a talk of these talks, people take it personally that "OMG THIS GUY IS ATTACKING MY FAV CHAMP. I'LL SHOW HIM BY EXPLAINING HOW I CARRIED", I don't hate Sivir, it's just given her state I feel she's too high risk for her current damage output.
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User Info: nibs88

4 years ago#12
I carried a game as sivir and ended up 23/3 in the end. Know how to use your q, tone your e right, and have a good team. Sivir is my second favorite carry. Her q pretty much out damages most other carries moves by far and doesn't have a charge time (*cough varus cough* he's my other favorite carry) throw q into team fight, use w AA and they die usually. Just spam your q and w when you can

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#13
Anyways, doesn't the range actually contribute to her "falling off?"

The range is annoying but not absolutely lane wrecking. Once you get into teamfights though, you can't kite the gap closers and you can't shield more than once at a time.
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