Getting Elise soon, how is she played and built?

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  3. Getting Elise soon, how is she played and built?

User Info: OnslaughtOfGods

4 years ago#1
The few times I've laned against Elise, it was absolute hell on earth. Minion waves lasted about two seconds and god forbid I get hit once by any of her spells. She was/is an absolute monster to me, and I wanna know how she gets so unstoppable

How she seemed to go was human form to whittle me down, then spider form when I'm somewhere under 40% and eat me alive, but I don't have any solid grasp of her. Am I right so far?
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User Info: LaqOfInterest

4 years ago#2
Just be a huge ass to your lane opponent and you'll do fine.
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User Info: JustAPoorBoy

4 years ago#3
CDR, MPen, and tanky
Her bases are high enough to let her get by without much AP
Her human form Q does % current HP, and her spider from does % missing HP, so poke them down in human form and then go spider for the kill

User Info: Tali_Zorah

4 years ago#4
Yeah, what the above said. I like rushing an early Haunting Guise for the mpen and health, then get a tanky AP item or two, like Abyssal or Iceborn Gauntlet, then upgrade the Haunting Guise into Liandrys, then finishing off with more tanky AP cdr

It should be noted that if you need just a little more armor, Banner of Command is a good item, since it boosts your AP and armor, as well as boosting your spiderlings damage, and giving extra push power with Promote.
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  3. Getting Elise soon, how is she played and built?

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