Support Morgana vs Support Lux.

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User Info: Rookie_Jet

4 years ago#31
Exalx posted...
But support Lux can get mejais and become a second ap carry :0

Morg could do pretty much the same...just stay back and Q, W, E until it's safe to R. Obviously, you're not going to be the intiator if you're a support Morg. Ult would be a bit more of a clean up or peel if your ADC gets dived on.

easymodexz posted...
Morg and Lux are both sub par supports.

Morg in particular because you can easily dodge her Q and harass the hell out of her.

If you make any decent effort at not dying, you blow too much mana, since Morg has relatively higher mana costs.

So too many disadvantages. A weak black shield is not enough unless most of the enemy team has low magic damage.

Lux is better because her passive scales without items, and her Q can penetrate. Still, she's basically a "weaker version of Zyra". She does get the shield though (which should be maxed first in a support role).

Basically you get a long range harass (ult) as a trade for being generally weaker than Zyra.

Just play Zyra support.

I only run oom with support Morg after an all-in. Q and occasional Es don't take too much. Against a Taric or Blitz lane, you can E everytime they stun/hook and you're not going to go oom before they do. Don't bother with W unless your ADC needs to recall a lot and you need to hold your tower alone.

Brt83 posted...
And watch the enemy take morgana... and cry. Morgana support counters the hell out of zyra support. Morgana also counters thresh and leona, the two most popular supports, pretty well.

Add Taric to the list of supports Morg does well against. He's pretty much THE most popular support atm.

Brt83 posted...
easymodexz posted...
Because I walk up to her? Unless the Morg wants to hide behind the tower and get permanently zoned?

It's the same as season 1 Morgana mid where you could just pick Teemo and force her out of lane at level 1 with right click.

Only difference is you have to avoid harass from the enemy AD. And if they're focused on you, then your AD can smash them (assuming your AD is not a passive afker).

Walk up to her? and the second youre out from behind your minions you get snared for 3 seconds while their ad pounds on you and your leona jumps on the enemy adc but has the same damage as a siege minion... then morgana ults and exausts you, youre stunned, and dead.

I mean, as long as we're just making up scenarios.

Morgana is a great support, but only as a counterpick to thresh/leona and maybe taric.

This was funny and true. I seldom ever agree with easy...

User Info: kiba312

4 years ago#32
one Q and anyone caught in it is toast if the Morg knows how to play
oh noes 0.o

User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#33
Black Shield is one of the best abilities in this game, hands down.
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