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User Info: Lord_Woobie

4 years ago#11
Waluigi1 posted...
easymodexz posted...

Thanks! That was very informative! :)

Still wondering about final builds though?

Builds will depend hugely on where you're going and what role you're trying to play for your team. Jungle and Top Elise make great tanky assassins, since they don't have to build much damage in order to do a lot of damage (because of %health skills).

A sample jungle build would be:
Sunfire Cape
Spirit Visage
Zhonya's / Abyssal
Boots of choice (either Sorc's, Merc's, or Mobility)

Top will be pretty similar to your jungle build, except you'll probably want to replace SoAG with another defensive item (probably Warmog's)

Mid Elise is far more offensive than the other 2:
Sorc's Shoes
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