Armor pen vs attack damage reds for wukong

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User Info: kfcsnacker

4 years ago#1
Hi I've been playing wukong top a lot more and I was wondering if ad reds or armor pen reds are better overall. I know attack damage is used primarily on ad casters who have high ad scaling on their abilities which wukong does have however I feel like armor pen combined with his q armor shred it really allows me early game dominance and let's me do better against cloth armor.

Another question, is triforce any good on wukong I am usually getting mallet but I've never tried it. Was also thinking about getting manumane on him similar to jayce with his e+q combo but the cost is fairly ineffecient, anyway thanks
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User Info: OmegaGkid

4 years ago#2
I like armor pen runes better, especially since once you got black cleaver your ult q combo destroys armor
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#3
ad better poke in lane

armor pen better teamfighting
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User Info: Biglabron

4 years ago#4
someone like wukong i run 10.8 ad/5.1 armor pen runes. I pick up 5 armor pen from masteries. starting with 10 flat armor pen is quite a dmg spike early game with his Q % pen along with 8% mastery.
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User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#5
manamune is okay but you can't really build it in that many match ups

trinity force is good but it depends if you're more of an assassin for your team (TF) or if you're more of a tank (FM)

go with an armor pen and ad split getting 8.6 ad and 9 armor pen (multiple way you can get this but i use 3 ad quints 3 ad marks and 6 arpen reds).
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User Info: bIuerain

4 years ago#6
I run full armor pen on Wukong. It's better if you plan on getting two early Dorans and scales better in mid/late game than flat AD does. Going pure AD makes last-hitting easier tho and might be better for matchups like Teemo, Teemo's armor is so small that you might just want max damage on your Q -> E combo instead of armor pen. Armor Pen runes also scale better with early advantages, like invading and managing to get a double-kill out of it or the two early Doran's that I mentioned. You'll be happy you went ArPen if you get an early Brutalizer first back.

I haven't done the math actually, but flat AD red/quints miiiiight be bettter if you go with naturally armor-shreddy items like Black Cleaver, Youmu's and Last Whisper.

Triforce is very overrated on Wukong, do not get it most games. The only thing it really does for Wu is give him Sheen procs, and you don't need to spend over 3k gold to get that. It's a huge waste of gold that went almost entirely toward offense when you could used the gold to make Wu both tanky AND damaging. Srsly if you built Triforce before late game you probably will die fast. I actually recommend against Phage most games too. Wu isn't that desperate for the small AD/HP combo and the passive doesn't do that much for him until it's fully upgraded to a Mallet.

For early tank (Phage) and late game slows and big HP (Mallet), get an early Warden's Mail instead and upgrade it to Randuin's Omen later. It's cheaper and better in most games, and gives you massive boost in CC on your ult cuz of the active. Ofc, there will be SOME games where the Mail/Omen does almost nothing against against the enemy team comp because they shut down your ult and they don't rely on auto-attacks/physical damage, in that case you want Frozen Mallet cuz you're gonna be more AA reliant and you get 200 extra HP over Omen. But that's situational and not essential IMO.
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