C/D Kha'Zix is WAY stronger than he used to be after the "nerf".

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  3. C/D Kha'Zix is WAY stronger than he used to be after the "nerf".

User Info: matrix0523

4 years ago#1

His W still hurts a lot and he still wave clears like a god. The only nerf that irritates me was the casting W while E nerf, but that's honestly not a big deal.

His Q is a ****ing nuke from heaven, ESPECIALLY if your enemy is isolated. Riot is going out of there way to make sure Kha stays godlike. I wish they did the same to Rengar.

But how do you guys feel about him after the nerf? I honestly think he's way better.
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User Info: Ascoltare

4 years ago#2
Way better? Nah, but he's still good.
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User Info: supershadonic

4 years ago#3
I played Kha Zix.

I would say its a buff.

While its true he can't E, W together... I Ult stealth 4 times now and deal tons more damage than before. And that E, W can be done separately without affecting your DPS... jump on target, AA> spikes> AA> Q. or something like that. I don't think its a nerf.. if anything... I've been killing my opponents way easier than before.

User Info: natchu96

4 years ago#4
But he's godlike for being an actual assassin now, and not for being a poke monster that happens to be able to assassinate.
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User Info: gallantknight

4 years ago#5
i just tried playing kha'zix for the first time yesterday in premade 5s and, having never played the champion before, just watching LCS, just curbstomped the enemy team.

I wasn't even playing him in top or mid, I put him into the jungle where he doesn't get as much gold and stuff and still just... obliterated things before they had time to react. I could be as stupid as I wanted, still get kills/objectives and be relatively safe with resetting hops, or just simply so much damage that even if I died they couldn't defend anything/got cleaned up very easily by the rest of my team.
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User Info: ZidaneTribaI

4 years ago#6
I think he's a better assassin but worse at wave clearing and poking.
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User Info: Gainazzo

4 years ago#7
He can't win every lane spamming W but he's better late game now. So it's not way stronger but I like it better this way.
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  3. C/D Kha'Zix is WAY stronger than he used to be after the "nerf".

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