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User Info: genericname1234

4 years ago#41
luigi33 posted...
WTF @ oracle elixir...

Do you only buy it once now?

Have you bought oracles recently? It has had a time limit of 5 minutes for quite some time now. Now that time limit just keeps on ticking if you die. This way you are guaranteed the full 5 minutes, it's just that you might be dead for a decent chunk of that time.

I'm not so sure that I like the change to be honest. You could decide to chase down the support with an oracles instead of going after another champion in order to destroy the oracles and limit their vision. Expect to see ward clearing becoming more prevalent again as every jungler in the pro scene picks up an oracles early-mid game.
"SR'ing is having the RNG abuse you." Deshokun

User Info: Darkemaste

4 years ago#42
Sona_Buvelle posted...
Black_Assassin posted...
This kills the Draven.

Oh hey Sona, would you care to take a look at this thread?

I do very much miss seeing your art.
Common sense seems to be more uncommon.

User Info: dennis941012

4 years ago#43
not that big because I always kill 90% of enemy wards
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