How do these kids in championship leagues explain to their parents

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User Info: MwarriorHiei

4 years ago#41
From: Ravelthus | #035
Mezmorizor posted...

They have about the same shelf life as any other professional "athlete", but they make way less while having nearly no job security. That's for the good ones too, the bad ones just don't make money.

Except athletes in the real, if they're good, last a considerably longer than any social degenerate shut in pro gamer.

And the fact they make considerably more money then those social degenerate shut in gamers. Even the f***ing back up of a back up of a back up of the bench towel boy makes more then these nerds.

sounds like you have some problems you need to deal with.

User Info: Tyrannus5930

4 years ago#42
MwarriorHiei posted...
sounds like you have some problems you need to deal with.

prty sure hes parodying ELPRESADOR but i could be wrong

EDIT: It's funny because this crap applies to League too.
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User Info: TomoEK9

4 years ago#43
A pro-gamer is like any other athlete, they only have so long before they are considered "too old" and have to move on. At best, they retire and move into a coach/trainer sort of position.

They rely heavily on tournament winnings to make a big bank, they may have a salary on a team but I bet its nowhere near as good as a job you could have gotten going through university.

In the end, if they want to have a somewhat comfortable living after retirement, they need to play lots, they need to play well, and they need to win. Its not a career with a lot of long term options.

User Info: Desulated

4 years ago#44
If they like what they do and are successful at it, why object? Though they should keep in mind that it shouldn't be a permanent career choice. I know an ex-pro League player myself and he called it quits because he had won enough and knew he had to finish university himself.
"By the way, if you don't compete professionally and make money from playing games... you are a casual player."-Howatizer

User Info: Exalx

4 years ago#45
Tell your parents that the money made will help pay for college and all you need to do is play a game. They'll help you pack.
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User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#46
As long as you're good and you have a solid network it is completely stable. Look at the old guard, saint, regi, hotshot, dan dinh etc., they've all been at this for a long time and still making money during it, even after they stop being active players.

Look at Jatt, he was a pro player, retired to work for riot internally and now in addition to that he's also a shoutcaster.

There's a lot of room for expansion, coaching positions, other management, teams abroad, working for riot etc.,

then on top of the actual salaries they have you also have sponsorships

and then on top of ALL of that you have streaming revenue which, despite adblock, adds up to a lot.

In fact the stream revenue is so good alone that people like Wingsofdeathx and Phantoml0rd can support their lifestyles off of just that.

So to call it unstable is misleading at best. There is stability if you're good.

User Info: Price_Of_Fame

4 years ago#47
Or you could just get a real job
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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#48
The salary is good but like others have said it's not going to be a lasting career for most players. I wouldn't pursue it if I didn't have any back up plans afterwards.

User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
4 years ago#49
Kirbix posted...
See, but using the examples of the few top players is just silly.
"Oh, become a doctor- they're all rolling in dough"
Actually, most doctors are drowning in debt and living quite poorly. But we see those lucky few who aren't and glamorize the whole profession

Which doctors are these? I've yet to meet one who is actively practicing that has financial issues.

If you consider paying student loans till you're 40 to be living quite poorly and in debt, you have another thing coming. There are a great deal of people that go through that, and they're not living poorly. Hell, my aunt just paid off her student loans, she's a drama professor, and she enjoys her line of work immensely. She also fosters dogs, with 6 in her house currently, and loves them all. Does she have a huge entertainment system, a massive DVD collection, a sportscar, and a huge home? No. She has 6 dogs she loves to death, and pays for food, veterinary needs, etc etc for them. That's not cheap. Last I checked, teachers are considered as being WAY underpaid for what they do. They effectively babysit 100 kids a day for an hour (or 10 kids for 10 hours or however you want to look at it) for 5 days out of the week, roughly 70% of the year, and still make about half PER HOUR of what an actual babysitter would make... The 16 year old that watches the two 5 year olds down the street? Yeah, making more hourly than everyone in a school building...

Anyways, I don't see the job itself as being stable or guaranteed, but not many jobs really are. Something can always happen to end your career and leave you hanging without any pay, and it happens far more frequently than you might think. With sponsorships, streaming, etc etc, I could see anyone with half a brain to stow the money away rather than spend it all on frivolous things being able to live off it for the rest of their life, especially if they invest it in a smart way. People that just go crazy with the money they earn aren't exactly commonplace either, there's just enough of them that you don't usually pick out names.

User Info: jepaan

4 years ago#50
Is it uncommon for a 25 year old to go to college in the US?

I really don't see why you complain, as long as they break even while playing, what's the problem?
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