Aatrox Build

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User Info: TheConductorSix

4 years ago#1
Assassin Aatrox


Standard AD Assassin Runes sans mana regen.


Doran's Blade>Vamp Scepter>Brutalizer>BotRK>Last Whisper>Guardian Angel>Bloodthirster

Blade of the Ruined King allows you, in conjunction with E and Q, to stay in melee range of your enemy. It provides great sustain and goes along well with your Ultimate and W burst. Aatrox is not a "Jump on Squishy, Kill Squishy Assassin". He has no reset nor dash escape like Zed/Kha. What he is is a tank killer. His W proc and BotRK allow him to stomp tanks into the dirt with a mix of AD/Health/Magic Burst.

Personally I dislike assassin aatrox because it nullifies his strong suit: sitting in the middle of teams and just stomping their god damn face.

Bruiser Aatrox

Same Runes/Masteries/Skills as Assassin Aatrox

Doran's Blade>Vamp Scepter>BotRK>Warmogs>Guardian Angel>Randuins

This is the Aatrox that makes the champion broken. You retain lane dominance with your BotRK but you can immense team fight presence. Q into the back line and just unleash hell with ultimate and W procs. Eat up enemy exhausts and CC and keep swinging, get low and switch stances and keep swinging, die and revive and keep swinging.

Jungle Aatrox

Build whatever just max Q first. Knockup OP
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User Info: Makahtyno

4 years ago#2
How can you forget AP Aatrox? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VjQY6bIla8

User Info: zangatsubankai

4 years ago#3
Woah. Thanks for the builds. I've been playing around with some other stuff but these really help. I'll try your Bruiser build next time I get to play him. Would you reccomend bruiser Aatrox going top or could he also function as a tanky mid laner?
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User Info: Kanthaka

4 years ago#4
Hmm, I might give that bruiser build a try when he gets released here.
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User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#5

also I think it is really worth reading umashi's first impressions


User Info: negative4

4 years ago#6
I would never recommend starting Dorans on him.
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User Info: Wyrmcraft

4 years ago#7

The Only Aatrox


You use E to survive your lane, especially against Aatrox's many challenging early lanes. He's a vlad, he needs levels and you're not going to get that if you are silly and try to max W. W is maxed second for your mid-game damage spike, however Q can be maxed second if you are seeking even more wave clear.

Masteries are 9/21/0 so you can survive your lane, Aatrox can't afford to go 21 into offense, your runes depend purely on your matchup. Sometimes you'll want AD reds, sometimes you'll want Apen reds, and for your hardest lanes you'll want Mpen reds so you boost the damage of your E. Armor yellows and Mres blues are pretty standard, but you can swap them out for more of one or the other depending on your matchup. Movement speed is GOD on this character, so consider MS quints. However Apen or AD quints will also suffice.

NEVER BUILD AS FIRST. Aatrox does not need more attackspeed if you manage your resources correctly, he has as much free from his passive as you get from a BotRK. Combine that with your ult and by 11 you have +100% free attack speed. Instead of rushing a BotRK. Consider one of the following based on your lane

Ravenous Hydra
Hex Drinker + Vamp Scepter+Boots
Wriggles + Vamp Scepter+Boots
Brutalizer + Vamp Scepter+Boots
Phage + Vamp Scepter+Boots
BF Sword + Vamp Scepter+Boots (Note, you do not need to make a BT afterwards, I tend to make my BF Sword into a Mercurial if I go this route)

Then Go Tanky with One of:
Sunfire Cape
Wits End
Quick Silver Sash
Spirit Visage
Warden's Mail

After you grab your defenses, Finish your First Offensive Item and Start your Second (Last Whisper is now an acceptible purchase, so is finishing your BotrK if you bought a cutlass in lane). Before you complete your second item, grab some more defenses from the above listings. Try to balance out your stats as needed by your lane.

Finish With:
Last Whisper
Other Offensive Item from the Above List
More defenses

Acceptable Boots?:
Mercs are amazing because you hate CC
Tabi are the ultimate laning shoes
Swifties if they have only slows
Moba's for Ganking

Good god this game?
Sell boots for a Zypher unless you need Homeguards

Early Game:
Survive your lane and build your levels, keep maxing E and use it to last hit as needed. Keep the lane actually shoving TOWARDS you and last hit under tower with thirst to sustain. You have a power spike at 3,6, and 11. Use these to gain the upper hand in a fight. Do NOT fight the opponent at 6 if their ult is better than yours.

Mid Game:
Shove your lane, forever. Seriously, split push all day every day. Keep yourself warded, and make their toplane hell. Very few champs can outpush you at this stage. Keep shoving your lane, push towers. If you see all 5 of them on the map bust your ult out and break down a tower in revenge. If they send 2 people to get you, ping objectives. Hope your team can 4v4, if they can't you might have to teamfight. You can kite forever with E and Q, and wave clear forever with a little sustain.

Late Game:
Peel for your ADC, don't go diving in unless your team initiates and has good CC, you are the follow-up CC, not the initiator. You're a clean-up crew, treat yourself as such.

Ignite for healing lanes
Exhaust for ADs and sustain damage
Cleanse if you know they have a ton of CD
Ghost if you need to chase
Flash for those flash Qs
Teleport if you want to gank about
Heal if you want to bait with your passive early
Barrier if you want to bait with your passive early
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User Info: Wyrmcraft

4 years ago#8
PS: If you have a really hard lane. Start Red pot and something like Heal, ignite, or ignite exhaust. This will scare your opponents into avoiding those early game fights you don't want, however it will pull their jungler top. If they treat it like a normal lane, murder them, if they give you space. Good, that's what you want.
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User Info: negative4

4 years ago#9
Not sure if that build is actually serious...
Chicago Bears 8-8, 3rd NFC North (2011-2012 Season)
WE LIKE IKE! Aethering to victory.

User Info: Wyrmcraft

4 years ago#10
Why would it not be? He's got 2.2 ad ratios and a hard laning phase, why not work to solve that instead of being stupid, squishy, and wasting time on diminishing returns?

Do the math on a Hydra sometime, it comes out as even damage to the BotRK provided you have the enemy champion below 2200 health. And it let's you push. AS does less the more you have of it, so why waste gold that early into the game on it? Also, even though the hydra gives less LS, it gives passive regen which about equals out. If you have to build a Bildge Water cutlass in lane for whatever reason, sit on it and build another offensive item before you finish BotRK.

The combine cost and low AD means that you waste a HUGE portion of your midgame damage just trying to save up and buy the damn thing and it doesn't even give you instantly useful stats.

Also, if you didn't read the wall of text because you have a fear of large words, a small amount of braincells, or no time (why are you browsing the forums then???); I said.

Offensive Items of about equal gold to a BotRK and Boots (My preference is Hydra but other things work if you need them for laning)
Defensive Item
Second Offensive Part 1
Defensive Item 2
Finish Second Offensive Item
Luxury Item

I like throwing a Vamp Scepter in there early as well for laning and pushing as your W isn't enough on it's own and he does a fair bit of damage.

For example, you end up having a decent lane but your opponent is stacking armor. So you build a Brutalizer, boots, and a Vamp Scepter and then go a little tanky yourself, my preferences are the splitpushing defensive items like Sunfire and Wits but he has a ton of defensive options. After that finish your Cleaver and then grab some more defenses.

Build LW and then turn your Vamp Scepter into a BT, BotRK, or sell it for a GA/other defensive item as your last item. I like having at least one lifesteal item though and I will almost always build a QSS.
"Will the circle be unbroken, by and by, by and by? Is a better home awaiting, In the sky, in the sky?" ~ Elizabeth, Bioshock Infinite

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