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User Info: blue_husky

4 years ago#1
Which? - Results (23 votes)
Lee Sin
39.13% (9 votes)
34.78% (8 votes)
26.09% (6 votes)
This poll is now closed.
I'm mostly looking for another top laner since it's the one role I haven't found my "main" in, but the extra utility of jungler for lee/Kha would be nice.
I called Second Chance being overused before the game even came out.

User Info: astaroth007

4 years ago#2
Kha zix- Assasin with nice late game , those evolutions are neat
Jayce-Lane bully , you just pick him and don't worry about any counters . Good early and late
lee sin-Strong early game , but falls off late game

User Info: StrategyWikiped

4 years ago#3
I have the most fun with Lee Sin, and he also synergizes with his team very well/helps them snowball.
Safest pick and best poke would have to be Jayce.
Most amazing assassin that snowballs very easily, but blue buff dependent imho, is Kha'Zix.


4 years ago#4
astaroth007 posted...
but falls off late game

see sig
"Only scrubs fall off late game" - Alex Ich
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