when did bv change??/

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User Info: Beech_tibs

4 years ago#1
i was playing malphite last game and ended up buying it and I really like the 25 second cooldown even if it requires not to be damaged. it was very fulfilling soaking up nid spears.... oh so fun
"waaaa waaa waaa idk what an executioner's calling is"-lightdragoon88

User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#2
It's been like that ever since the start of S3.
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User Info: LordClyde

4 years ago#3
Item cost reduced to 2500 from 2715.
Combine cost reduced to 490 from 650.
Mana reduced to 300 from 375.
Health reduced to 300 from 375.
Magic resist reduced to 45 from 50.
Passive cooldown changed to 25 seconds after not taking damage from champions instead of a flat 45 seconds.
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