Does no one like to top in ranked anymore?

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  3. Does no one like to top in ranked anymore?

User Info: Habnot

4 years ago#11
DiplomacySC posted...
The only way to influence the early game from top lane is if you can force the enemy jungler to spend a lot of time top, and even then your team can lose what is essentially a 4v3 from there. If you're mid or jungle, you can more easily help your team get ahead early.

I dunno. Taking a fast tower top can easily allow for some snowballing in other lanes as well, ESPECIALLY for your support and jungle teammates.

Some tops like Rengar only really start to thrive when they've taken a tower and can go counter jungle and gank mid, IMO.
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User Info: Darkemaste

4 years ago#12
nomore posted...
Top is what everyone I play with seems to want...

I like to think its because they can pick a bruiser, avoid team play, then rage at bot lane if they do bad, but never step up to help them out.
It's like mid, but without the pressure to roam and carry.

This really.
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User Info: gwwak

4 years ago#13
I am always last pick when I go duo queue and always end up as support.
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  3. Does no one like to top in ranked anymore?

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