25K IP: Champions to buy to carry through ranked solo queue?

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User Info: PenguinMD

4 years ago#1
Preferably versatile in roles or lacking a complete hard counter. I'm in silver division and have come to realize I cannot climb the ladder through supporting alone.
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User Info: PrintScreenKey

4 years ago#2
You can carry with 90% of the champion roster.

My fav picks
ADCs - Kog, twitch, ashe
Jungle - fiddlesticks, ap amumu
mid - karthus, TF

I dont play top but when i have to
Teemo, singed, nasus, shen, rumble

ALSO dont worry about counters.
Just play who you want to play.
If you're good you'll win.

User Info: xSighx

4 years ago#3
Top: Renekton is very solid. Jayce as well in certain comps (wouldn't use if your team is squishy overall, since having 2+ front liners can often be all it takes to win games in solo queue)

Mid: I prefer assassins because they fit my playstyle and because I suck with more traditional ap mages like Karthus, but any high CC mage would probably be ideal. TF and Lux come to mind due to their ability to catch people out (TF is good in lower solo queue brackets where people forget that he can show up and end them if they overextend very far at all, while Lux simply has a ton of utility and siege potential to keep your team alive and make turrets easy)

Jungle: Early game snowballers or high CC tanks are probably best here. I've seen way too many games end at 20 because a skilled Lee Sin just won every lane and gained a ridiculous amount of map control and turret dive potential. Zac is another good one who isn't very hard to play and has ridiculous ganks; Nautilus as well for his massive CC and strength as a front liner. Hecarim, despite the nerf to his ulti, is still a terror, but riot's massively increasing the mana cost of his Q which will hurt him a lot, so if you don't already have him, I wouldn't buy him now.

ADC: I'd recommend champs who can peel for themselves/are overall self reliant because in Silver you can't expect your top laner, your jungler, and your support to do anything to save you (they're too busy focusing the singed, most likely). Ezreal's good for his ability to reposition or spam an ult into a team fight (people tend to group up and get AOEd hehe), Draven can win lane easily if you know your mechanics and has his knockback/slow, and Varus imo is like a better version of Ashe (although he doesn't have as much self-peel outside ulti) Caitlyn is another one who can stomp lanes, zone people in turret sieges with traps/poke, and is generally safe due to her net and her long range. Finally you've got champs like Vayne and Tristana and Kogmaw who are 'hard carries' that scale ridiculously well and can singlehandedly turn games around once you've got enough items.

Support: Thresh, Leona, Sona for their CC / "playmaking" and of course Lulu because of how much utility and peel she provides.
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User Info: Colonel_Snitsky

4 years ago#5
Get Hecarim and Zac for jungle.
Ez / MF / Varus for carry.
Janna / Leona for support.
Nasus / Renekton for top.
mid: whatever.
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User Info: Phantom0708

4 years ago#6
Top: Jayce
Mid: Lissandra or Khazix or Karthus
Jungle: Zac
ADC: Vayne, Varus, Kogmaw
Support: Thresh (good luck getting him not banned) Sona, Nami
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