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User Info: GogglesFrog

4 years ago#1
How I do?

What to start out with? What do I rush first? I've got taric and I'm thinking of picking up thresh if that helps.
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User Info: earthmaster3

4 years ago#2
Start one charm, health/mana, Higher levels start one Pink and as many Green wards as possible, in lower levels you can go with just as many greens as you can.

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User Info: QuikScopsRKewl

4 years ago#3
Always get Sightstone. Maybe even on the first back. If not, Philo and wards. Always buy wards.

Personally, if I'm playing a tanky/balls-deep champion (Leona, Thresh, Alistar, Taric, etc.) I like to get an early emblem of valor because you're already durable enough to sustain some punishment.

If playing squisher/mage-esque champions (Nami, Janna, etc.) get a locket soon. Otherwise you'll just be feeding the enemy team.

If tanky, go in and exhaust ADC in trades. Use creep health to know when the enemy will be stepping forward to CS.

If squishy, try and set thing up by launching bubbles or tornados or anything like that (use creep health). Poke them with ranged AA's. HOWEVER, do NOT get caught out by the enemy support. You're probably dead if that happens.

User Info: zombie13579

4 years ago#4
3 wards
3 pots
Mana thing (180)

2 wards
1 vision ward
2 pots?
Mana thing (180)

4 wards
1 vision ward
2 pots
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User Info: negative4

4 years ago#5
Depends on who you're playing.

Usually you start 2 wards, 1 pink ward, 2 pots, and a Faerie Charm/Rejuv Bead.

Get Sightstone on your first back. Then depending on who you're using, you upgrade your Faerie/Rejuv into whatever you need. I usually skip Philo since it's not a necessity with GP10 quints and it enables to either grab a Chalice on mana hungry supports (ie Sona, Lulu) or rush straight into a Locket/Aegis with Rejuv on tankier champs (ie Leona, Alistar).

But if you're not feeling confident about your support play, you can grab GP10 items like an early Philo. Some people like a Kage Pick on AP supports to grab a Morellonomicon later too (ie on a Janna or Lulu).
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User Info: TheDarkNerd

4 years ago#6
From: zombie13579 | #004
3 wards
3 pots
Mana thing (180)

2 wards
1 vision ward
2 pots?
Mana thing (180)

4 wards
1 vision ward
2 pots

It's worth noting these starts only work once you have enough mastery points to take the mastery that gives you 50 extra starting gold. Without that mastery, you would usually replace the vision ward with a sight ward.

User Info: Rajamic

4 years ago#7
There is some variance in setups for Supports, but a good general build goes:
1) Start Charm + Pots + Wards
2) Buy Boots
3) Buy Philo
4) Buy Sightstone
5) Buy Aegis
6) Upgrade Boots (typically Mercury if frontline support, Lucidity if backline support)
7) Upgrade to Revelrie
8) Upgrade Sightstone
9) Buy Locket

Leaves one slot open for more defense based on where you are on your team and how the enemy team is built.

User Info: wantfastcars

4 years ago#8
My build varies greatly depending on precisely which support I'm playing, and I'm too tired to list it out right now. However, don't overlook Shard of True Ice. Very underrated item.
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