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User Info: DefendsPandas

4 years ago#1
I want to try him pretty bad. Is he worth buying? I have seen really good Skarner's and then really bad Skarner's. I'm just wondering if he takes a while to get use to?
Failing is when you don't attempt it in the first place.

User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#2

he plays like hecarim if you've played him before

golem + mobility boots into Frozen Fist and then tanky items (Shurelia's, Twin Shadows can be really good for utility and initiating as well as disengaging) like bulwark, frozen heart, warmogs etc.,

skitter at people, claw them, slow them, /laugh at them

User Info: Shorkazza

4 years ago#3
He got hit with the nerf bat a few more times that most people cared for. As a result, a LOT of people stopped playing him. You still see him now and then though, and some people can still rock the house with him. That ulti is still scary as all hell.

User Info: ISF_Lmaokai_TMH

4 years ago#4
One of my top 3 favorite champions. Just don't expect to carry with him. Not that it's impossible it's just usually not going to happen.
If you get snowballed early, you'll usually become an unstoppable beast. It's just hard to get kills pre-6

User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

4 years ago#5
From: ISF_Lmaokai_TMH | #004
It's just hard to get kills pre-6

What?! Perma slow is no good for you? Especially with red buff too. Sure, not as good as his level 6.

Very very solid jungler.
Space Waster

User Info: Kirbix

4 years ago#6
I've found that he's tough to use in the current jungle with the people I play with. His ganks are not great pre-6 and so with a mediocre lane teammate you can't capitalize. If they're really bad you won't even force a flash.

I stopped playing him because I got sick of people whining that I wasn't getting them kills early.
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User Info: neon screen

neon screen
4 years ago#7
Early ganks are alright as long as you proc your Q slow beforehand

Nowadays though I just try to power-farm to 6

User Info: CosmosYears

4 years ago#8
He's amazing, play him and get good.
LOL IGN: Aladair AKA best jungle NA

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