Next support: Lux or Sona?

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User Info: Wayavas

4 years ago#11
Lux is mediocre as a support....not as bad as nidalee support but still, it sucks
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User Info: Rajamic

4 years ago#12
As others have said, Lux really isn't a support. Yes, she is aggressive with poke, which can cause inexperienced players problems, but against a good support team, they will dodge your skillshots all day, and if they have any support with a decent heal ability, you'll never be able to bully them hard enough to push turret and leave yourself wide open to jungle ganks while your ADC misses out on CS due to being under their turret.

Sona is among the best supports right now, but I'm not sure you'll end up liking her, as she's still pretty darn passive. Her Q + Passive combo can put out a decent burst on anyone who overextends, and her R is good for securing kills or escapes. But ultimately, you'll spend most of your time just using W to heal as needed while trying to conserve mana.

Kayle does have viability as a support, due to a heal, a slow, and an invulnerability shield. I personally don't like playing her there (particularly after the Nashor's buff), but she does have all the tools necessary.

If you want good, truly aggressive supports, look at Thresh, Blitz, Taric, or Leona. Even Alistar isn't bad for aggro support (and you can get him for free).

User Info: ssupermario92

4 years ago#13
now why in the ever loving hell would you want to be support lux?

She's god awful as one
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User Info: AgentReborn

4 years ago#14
Orianna functions better as support than Lux. More utility. Movespeed/slow, shielding teammates with ball, Wombo Combo ultu

User Info: justcusimasian

4 years ago#15
Lux isn't a good support. Missed skillshots (all she has) pushes waves, her only "support-y" move, her shield, is slow as hell and is also a skillshot.

If you build support, you do no damage, and her kit doesn't have the kind of CC to be useful at low damage. If you build for damage, you won't actually be supporting.

User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#16
Short answer: Sona.

Long answer...

The best supports are the supports that have high gold efficiency, because Supports will (almost) always have the least gold on their team. By having abilities that give you 'free stats', you won't have to buy those stats compared to another champion, which means you can spend your money on other things instead.

To illustrate my point, let's compare Sona and Lux. Lux's shield gives 180 health to up to 5 people, and can reset to give the same amount again. That's a potential of 360 shield for 5 people if everything lines up correctly. That's a gold value of (potentially) 4752, if she hits all of her teammates in a teamfight and if the enemy managed to do enough damage that the shield got reset on everyone.

Sona's Q gives 20 ad and ap to her whole team, for a total of 100 total ad/ap in a teamfight. That's a gold value of 6175 and is always on. With her W, that's +50 armor and mres for the team and an additional +20 when she activates it, which is worth 2800 gold on top of the heal. Then she has her E which is kind of a nightmare to calculate gold efficiency for but is at least 4303 gold (this number increases if there are people on the team with faster than 330 base movement speed). Considering that Sona is constantly cycling through stances, she's easily giving her team 2 of those auras at once for somewhere between 7k and 10k free gold in stats.

Now, the other important thing for a support to have is crowd control. Anyone can buy armor and ap and movement speed, but there are only a few items in the game that give CC and they're all slows. Thus, a champion like Leona that only has 2800 free gold in stats still gets played as a support because she has a stun, a snare, and an aoe stun/slow.

A support's job involves buying high gold efficiency but low slot efficiency items for the team. Aura items, items with actives that benefit the team, and most of all wards. A team needs to have items like Bulwark and Locket and Reverie, and if possible having items like Crucible or Herald or so on really help too. So you want a support that can build all of that stuff.

So with all that in mind, let's look at Lux. She has a slow and a snare. No targeted CC and she doesn't have any stuns either. She's got an aoe shield, but it's very situational to get the full usage out of it. And in order to reach her potential, she has to build AP items, which means she isn't building support items. So... yeah, she's not that great of a support. Zyra is a better ap mid/support champ since her snare can hit more than two people and she has an aoe knockup on top of her semi free wards with her E.

Lux can work in very specific situations. Supports exist within the meta because there are only 4 lanes worth of gold for each team. However, if a game lasts for a very long time, long enough that even supports have 6 items, the team with Lux has 2 ap mids against a team with an ap mid and a support that doesn't scale well with gold. If your top is a tanky buriser who builds Bulwark and your jungler is a tanky initiator who builds Locket, then your team already has enough CC and aura items to survive, which means Lux can build Ap.

But even then, that's a very specific team comp that you won't get every game. For any other situation, Sona is a better choice.
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User Info: advancewarsnut

4 years ago#17
Thanks for all the responses. I'm going with Sona.

The only reason I even considered Lux as support is because one of my IRL friends does that really often, but he's also Bronze IV so I should probably stop taking suggestions from him.
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