Secret Op champion.

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User Info: Rawfury

4 years ago#1
Nami. You heard it here first, Land Q win the game everytime

User Info: gkh5

4 years ago#2
You're a bit late to the bandwagon.
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User Info: omegaraijin

4 years ago#3
Only reason she wasn't more popular before was because you had to practice landing her q

User Info: Yuraco

4 years ago#4
yeah i was laning as leona bot so i couldnt watch my top lane very much...

We had a Nami ( Top or Feed) against Gangplank.....i was like well this game is over...

She Won....Not only did she win....she had the most kills in the entire game

User Info: ophanseraph123

4 years ago#5
Stop. Telling. People. This.

I was one of the few Nami mains on her release and rocked worlds with her.

I don't need people discovering how OP she really is and banning her. :'C
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User Info: ryana

4 years ago#6
What's secret about this? Pretty much everyone knows Nami is a top tier support.

User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#7
everyone not counting everyone
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User Info: Shorkazza

4 years ago#8
She's the only champ that I've bought upon release and I don't regret it. She was pretty good before, but with all the buffs they've given her, she's quite strong. I wonder if Riot feels the skill in landing her Q justifies its strength. We'll see how popular she gets in the coming months and if she does indeed get nerfed. If that's the case though, I hope they don't nerf her to oblivion. She's my favorite support :(

User Info: JhayCee

4 years ago#9
Viktor is most definitely not OP.
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User Info: Try_Harder_Nubz

4 years ago#10
lulu is still far better than nami
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