If BKB was an item, what would happen to Olaf?

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  3. If BKB was an item, what would happen to Olaf?

User Info: Dota2

4 years ago#1
http://i.imgur.com/qd9BZ.gif http://i.minus.com/i1uM16yz5kbFr.gif

User Info: XcaIIion

4 years ago#2
he would lose his niche completely
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User Info: JackDaniels1964

4 years ago#3
wats bkb? o.0
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User Info: Bhellium

4 years ago#4
who cares the entire AP cast was just invalidated
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User Info: T-Viral-X

4 years ago#5
Bread King Bread. It make the user immune to most CC.
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User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#6
He wouldn't be as great as Darius and Jarvan, who would be able to walk into anything and force engagements harder than ever. Zed, Kha'Zix and Akali would probably also like BKB a lot more than Olaf. As would Jax and Irelia.

It'd be nice on Olaf and Melee Carries, but everyone else would probably like it more.

User Info: Master_striker

4 years ago#7
why would anyone pick olaf when you can just pick shen with bkb or nasus or renekton

User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#8
JackDaniels1964 posted...
wats bkb? o.0

Black King Bar is an item you can build in Dota 2 that gives the equivalent of something like 24 attack damage, 200 health, and an active effect that makes you immune to magic. Immunity to magic means what you think it means; you aren't affected by spells, so if someone in LoL built BKB most AP mids would not be able to do anything to them. Consider it to be a Morgana Black Shield that can't be broken for 10 seconds on a 70 second cooldown for 3900 gold.

And that is an important point to make; BKB is really expensive in LoL terms. Not so much in Dota because their jungle is 3 times bigger, but it's not like anyone is going to be able to afford it right away or something.
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  3. If BKB was an item, what would happen to Olaf?

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